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  • yo dude i saw you play on the APEX stream...

    if you feel like you need to improve and want people to play there are a few of us down here in springfield, i could probably pull some strings and arrange a sparring session if you had time/were interested.
    Yes I got your PMs.

    I'll reply to them when I have the chance. Neaten up the first post to your thread in the meantime.
    Yeah I picked him up like a week ago for doubles and a few bad matchups but now
    I kinda enjoy playing with him as Much if not more than my mains. I'll let you know if I ever need help
    Thanks. =D
    Forgot to reply to your PM today, remind me tomorrow >< (or i guess later today lol)
    im not really a fan of Brawl...more like i detest it but i respect all the people who put time and energy into trying to make it look good.
    oh ****...my reality just stopped when you said you dormed with dan the man (KDJ). That guy is ****. He got second only losing to thorn at Mass Madness this past weekend. Im kinda sad he doesn't main sheik anymore though. Also, its cool that you used to play melee. Lol at GnW being decent in Brawl.
    what up man...i noticed you play brawl, its all cool though.

    Im a melee player. Nice a GnW main, i dont really see many of those even in brawl.
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