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So Fatal
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  • Yo, it's SkaterGeorge from back in the THPS4 days. A lot of people are coming back to the Tony Hawk community right now, so I thought I'd reach out and see if you had any interest since you were always chill. Hit me up on Discord: George#8910
    Hey Fatal, I'm the zealous Pikachu guy who requested those friendlies with you at Connecticon. Good games bro, and congrats on winning it (twice).
    Im trying to go to that tournament in troy next week. If i can get there, you should team with me?
    hey fatal did you play Rain in bracket? I need to know since a snake playing against Rain was saved to my wii.
    From what I've gathered on our pool:

    LEFFEN is from sweden and is primarily a melee player. I hear he plays either lucario or diddy in brawl. I don't know for certain his main.

    BPOW is a Midwest Wario

    Luigi sama I have no idea. I want to say luigi but that would be too obvious of a choice :)
    I used to use just cheapo splitters from Bestbuy and theyre fine. Now I use Svideo but its no biggie.

    I got partnered on Twitch because an admin took interest in my channel. In order to get partnered you usually need a few hundred avg concurrent viewers.
    I use a dazzle DVC100, a pretty powerful gaming laptop, and a program like FMLE 3.0 or xsplit! If you have those and fast internet you can do it!
    Heya Fatal, do you know what the deal is with setups at AB?

    I want to bring Brawl-, but not sure who to contact/if it'd be ok/hat to bring, etc, etc...
    Hey, three things.

    1) You gotta get back on DI sometime. Lemme know when you're available if you're interested.

    2) I'mma main Snake now and go to tournaments. Teach me how to Snake plox.

    3) We mentioned you on the next episode of DI 15, it should be in the edit haha. Will be out friday.
    My "Let's Play" Channel (click)

    Just wanted to let you know about my Let's Play series I've got going on. Basically, I play blind playthroughs of video games you guys request and that's it. :bee:

    I'm currently playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) and Yoshi's Island (SNES) and I've already finished a Mega Man 10 (Wii) LP as well.

    Just want to invite you in on the fun if you haven't heard about it. If you like the videos definitely SUBSCRIBE to my channel and post on my wall so we can discuss what other kinds of games you'd like to watch me play!

    Thanks for the support. Spread the word! :cool:

    no problem, see you at dna worcester on the 30th perhaps? we should play some friendlies, my G&W needs some practice
    You kicked me off a TV at Viridian City when I was in the middle of a MM, u never said sorry =[
    I don't like u but I'd want help sooooooooo heres Alex number

    646 842 0950

    I suggest texting him
    Yo fatal man. are you coming to syracuse on the 24th?

    If you come, and you team with me, I promise first place. Im tryin to get at that money, Ima need to bank at this to pay for apex.
    yo fool.

    Team with me for Game underground yo. MDZ is making me take him. so I want to win some money to offset costs.

    auto first place.
    Are you serious about not knowing how to b stick the opposite way? lol or are you just trolling?
    oh **** u just did it thanks!!!!

    now can u edit the post where you say u need to know about airports? just erase that posts and put ........................ or something.

    again thanks
    Fatal, you are killin me ROFL. See the post where i QUOTE the movie "taken"? RIGHT unde than you post and say "taken is the ****".

    Please edit THAT post and COPY my quote from the movie taken and make it BOLD/7 and like the color Yellow or pink.

    PS: the post you already edited.....just make it regular size, you did the wrong one. LOL.
    Xyro told me you're interested in attending hobo22. Well if you are coming would you like to team? Alot of people will vouch for me that I'm probably top3 in doubles in the south.
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