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  • how the hell are you getting to my tournament lol...and are you bringing anyone
    Okay, I should have 7 set ups coming at least and you're teaming with me lol

    if u can bring a set up though or even 1 TV if u don't have a Wii then that be cool, just so u know and yeah def ask the twins, it be a lot of help
    i have zero set ups because my mom switched all the tvs to lcd tvs and threw the rest away -__-. ill ask twins to bring some
    Sounds good and I got the tourny under control don't worry lol. U got 2 TVs already there we can use? trying to get 7 or 8 set ups
    ahhhhh give me the address and the date u want it to be and I'll manage the thread for you, I'd still go with the first week of Feb but whatever u want yo
    im a top player in canada,ive been #1 in my region for almost a year, ally can vouch for me cause not many ppl know about canadian players in the US haha ... i play fox/wario/lucario

    lets get it
    My number is 908-380-3506. Contact me when you're ready to give me your address and stuff or you can pm me.
    My house to Steven's = 32.2 mi, 43 mins

    Steven's house to the tournament = 185 mi, 3 hours 29 mins

    434.4 miles total. 23.3. 18.6 gallons of gas. $74.58 gas cost. I'm going to charge $20 for gas$

    (I still need the hotel address, but I assume it's really close to the venue)


    I'm thinking we should aim to arrive at the hotel by midnight, so we should leave Steven's house at 8:15. I'll arrive there at 8 so we'd have 15 minutes to pack everything (I'll be leaving my house at 7:15)

    For the return trip home, Bionic will be driving us to his house on Saturday night near midnight or whatever after the event
    Isic Strans ‎

    laurel, md 20723

    we're gonna stay at stevens the night before the tourney and just get picked up from there
    July 20 at 5:42pm · Like
    This is where I'll be getting you, NEO, Bionic, and Bert for the KTAR trip on Friday night (at around 7)
    Are you going to Xanadu? If you could, just login to facebook and click on "attending" for the event if you are, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
    My carpool is (only has 5 seats including driver)
    Zant (driver)
    Bionic (alternate driver)

    I'm not so sure about Berto. I've only seen him once ever in person and I don't think he goes to too many events, so maybe his seat will be free. I sent travel plan messages to everyone in my carpool and only Bionic responds...
    Sorry about raging earlier. I just don't like being MDNOVA's carpooler anymore. And I have a history of getting overly dramatic online. I can bring you

    But what about Seibrik? I heard he's stuck in Baltimore
    GOD ****ING DAMN IT! I have a full carpool of 4 people already. 2 days ago Speed asked if I could add him (which I denied). I have an empty seat, but I'd prefer that empty seat for my [fragile] recording equipment. If someone takes that seat, the people in the back are going to have to have my stuff on their lap for the 3.5 hour trip

    You have seen how much recording equipment I bring to tournaments, have you? It's a lot
    I've joined someone else's carpool and I'm not even driving. Sorry, mang. I'm leaving in like 15 minutes
    I thought you lived in laurel still :< any way to like, bus to greenbelt or get a ride closer to my house? I really don't want to drive that far out of the way...

    I am leaving at 7am
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