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Toronto Joe
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    Hey, came to smash on tap last week sadly with a crew of people to find out it wasn't on! It said it was on in the weekly evens page though so I was wondering is it on this week? Friday melee? Because it says it's on for this week but wanna make sure. Thanks man!
    Hey there! I'm thinking about coming to a tournament. Just a few questions as it would be my first time ever attending a tournament. 1. Is there any age restriction? 2. Can I bring my own GameCube controller. 3. Will there be a Smash 4 tournament on New Year's Eve? Thanks.
    Toronto Joe
    Toronto Joe
    No age restriction, yes you are encouraged to bring your own controller! And no, no tournament on the Thursday for New Years Week, maybe on the Monday or Tuesday though! Stay posted on the sot fb group if you have one!
    Hey man just curious, I'm gonna come to the Melee tournament on friday. I have a gamecube and a copy of melee, can you guarantee it's safety if I bring it? I can't have it damaged or anything as it's my only copy and system. Let me know! If you need a console only let me know!
    Toronto Joe
    Toronto Joe
    Hey bro! We are good on systems so dont worry about bringing yours for friday, looking forward to meeting you!
    What do you know about a Smash balance patch? One of my friends said Falco got buffed, but I'm surprised there's nothing about it on the front page.
    Hey there! Did you happen to be at Anime North? I faced you in Round 2 and lost. Sorry about the controller troubles I don't know what happened. I look forward to facing you again and thank you for the good games!
    Yo, just checked the GOML day 2 schedule and was just wondering if I was allowed to drop by before 12:00. As I said before, I can't make day 1 so I am gonna drop by on day 2 for friendlies and to watch the top 8.
    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my n1gs GETTIN IT!!! 2v2's with M2K? T.O out here getting it gurlllllll let deez people KNOWWW
    Toronto Joe
    Toronto Joe
    LOL just saw this now. im rollin rn
    Saturday 12/01/12

    11:00 am - Melee Doubles
    1:00 pm - Brawl Doubles/Melee Singles (Until top 8)
    3:00 pm - Brawl Singles (Until top 8)

    Sunday 12/02/12
    11:00am - Melee Singles Top 8
    2:00pm - Brawl Singles Top 8
    Uh I'd love to but Patches and I have kinda decided on being static partners for now, since we're teaming at Apex and we wanna practice for it.
    So chances are if Patches is there then I'm gonna be teaming with him. If not though, I'm more than willing to team with you, but I doubt he'd not attend so you're probably better off finding another partner.
    Before I forget:

    I'm announcing PS5 for December 1st. MK LEGAL. MI would love to have you again. I'll also ensure you get the housing where the PARTY is! Lemme know.
    Want to team with me at Cruxis' tourney and rock Anubis strategy?

    I'm making a solid comeback.
    You still interested in being a special guest commentator at Ps4? Something tells me you would be good at it. I need the stream to be ON POINT since its a Qualifier now.

    Lemme know.

    Mark June 16th on your calendar, baby. Phoenix Saga 4 will be on that date and it's going to be another big one, I promise. It will be MK legal (double MK banned is the only restriction) with Cruise/Brinstar banned. Trying to please everyone as best as I can. If you need any help getting to this or housing, I will make sure you are taken care of.
    As soon as I consult the other states and more Canadians, I'll let you know. I make sure our visitors get high class treatment lol. And I know I'm in the URC but I just dont agree with the ban anymore. Becoming a better player gave me some insight lol. But yeah I'll keep you posted. Its definitely happening though.
    I have plans to host Phoenix Saga 4 in June. It'd be MK legal, thered be a pot bonus and well...currently the PS series is the best series MI has ever had. If I host it...expect a great turnout. If you decide to come we'll makr your experience an awesome one.

    Lemme know what you think.
    thanks for the kind shout-out boss :) great tournament i was really impressed. you going to SiD6 or Impulse? hopefully i'll catch you soon
    id be willing to volunteer and bring a wii. I'm not quite sure if i have complete brawl save data on it though. what do volunteers have to do?
    i just want to actually have a melee setup present, i wouldn't mind giving it up necessarily to help the bracket/pools move faster

    hopefully someone can bring a tv, there are already people declaring melee mms and gc/wii setups for melee lol

    but i understand if we cant. would be neat though.
    will there be a melee setup at revival of salt?

    i was gonna come regardless potentially, but this will be even more **** if we could get a melee station to **** on all day too
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