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  • What's good Fam.
    I noticed you were kinda active in that thread for online Brawl.
    Is there any chance that you'd be down to play sometime?
    I'm having a really hard time to find anyone to get some games in ...
    Zhao Guang I'm Ready To go Man I will be here for a while hit me up when you are ready to go if you can.
    Yeah Ggs man, your luigi is crazy, being offstage against you is scary haha
    thanks man, those off-stage battles were hilarious and fun. play again soon!
    Hi There Zhao I gonna create a Brawler Team or Brawler Group which it will be on between today or tomorrow hopefully also hopefully it work to seeking more brawl player and expanding brawl around and for matchmaking and social and things wanna join? :)
    Hey, I'm down! I barely play Brawl as is but if more people start to come around, I'll probably play more.
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    That's the idea to seek out more brawl Player Hopefully by starting a group of Brawler in this site first will be able to seek out more and expand more :)
    Hi there Zhao Let Brawl Whenever you can I have free time next week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (all Night) And Saturday (all night) Sunday I don't sure Oh I can only play at night if you want or still play brawl. :D
    Do you still brawl?

    If you do. 4558 6653 7383

    If interested to brawl, add me on skype: fernandocastellanos97, and set up a time to play.
    Hey, long time no see.
    I posted my reply on my profile. The new profile thing has been weird to adapt to.
    Definitely going to try to make it to impulse...it might be a little tough since I know things are going to be a little crazy at work around that time...but I might be able to snag that weekend off...Mario broz 4 lyfe
    anytime :), and im not sure tbh bud, i gotta focus on other stuff now that the event is over and i can take a break from smash, really behind in school haha
    you crazier son you posting at impossible times to brawlzors at. What you doing at 2am in the morning? having a slumber party with stroumbert? lol

    Hello.sorry I'm acting all excited but I can't brawl you.
    moved? by yourself or with family? Also what you talking about wills? haven't you heard of the phrase perfect doesn't need practice? :p lol
    Well I certainly have high hopes for Matt and I in doubles, even if I can't pull through in singles. We'll see what happens though, haha.

    Thanks man! I figured I had a good chance but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little surprised, lol.

    Sucks that you can't make it to the tourney this weekend. :(

    dude ive done up to 100 for 1 person... and anyway u can only send 4 per day so it wont be too bad
    I've been pretty inactive lately :( Had so much real world stuff going on lately, school is ****** me lol. But if you read my post in the general discussion I'm doing an exchange to an east coast school next year, so if you go to an MLG or APEX I might actually be there. Crazy how life works sometimes
    Thanks for inviting me! It was nice to finally do something competitive other than the ladder for a change. You or other guys from NS should host AiB things like that more often. I'd even host them if I thought anyone would show up :p
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