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  • Haha, exactly. But it's definitely not a bad thing. I dunno, it just seems like our Smash scene is afraid to try anything new. Yeah, I went to the event where they screwed us over before, but we might as well give them a second chance. It could be really good for the community.
    Haha, yeah, no kidding. And yeah, I would still come out to the events, and I hope they wouldn't jack the price up too much. But there's nothing to be lost from trying Phax. And if it doesn't work out then it's not a big deal.
    Not too much, just chilling. I've been working a lot, so I haven't been around much. Plus, I try to reserve my opinions on the FB group because it seems like there's always some sort of crazy drama going on, so I don't post there a whole lot. :p
    I stopped because I wanted to play a game that other people actually play. Smash was unheard of here.
    Haha! See now I'm convinced the key to getting better in this game is not playing it for an extended period of time. Which is cool because it gives me more time to play basketball. I started to play that alot more. AND OMG DID U SEE THE ALL STAR GAME! lol
    Good man. Just got back into Smash after a like 4 month break XD. Before like 2 weeks ago my last tourney was Youmancon yet somehow I improved lol. How bout you still ****** every tourney u go to?
    I would perhaps consider it, but ultimately i don't think competitive smash is ideal for me so I would most likely not attend.

    I praise your efforts in trying to get a smash regional tourney organized for the maritimes and i have considered attending a Halifax tourney sometime if i was in the area at the time. But unfortunately i'm an old fart by smash standards and have a lot of other commitments.

    Best of Luck, I'll keep an eye out for what you guys decide upon for a date and evaluate then.
    Nice I'll be looking forward to that if I decide to go to dalhousie university. We have the same last names lol. Are you guys located near dalhousie?
    Haha, I understand. Roy is pretty sweet too. I used to mess around with him a bit. I like Dr. Mario, I just can't the hang of the way he moves.

    Samus is pretty darn legit. Too bad she sucks in Brawl. :ohwell:
    Mewtwo is really awkward feeling, but I like him. I also play with Samus sometimes too, but Mewtwo is where it's at. Bottom tier, where you at?
    Haha, you got me there for a minute.

    Yeah, I bought a copy of Melee for twenty bucks to get a feel for the game before the tourney. And to answer your question: MEWTWO. :)
    Haha, yeah, I can imagine. Everyone picks MK, am I right?

    Melee is going to be so tight.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I just can't the hang of Brawl anymore. More people for Melee would be sweet, but it's hard to say. Everyone's pretty much gaga for Brawl now. :ohwell:

    But I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    Egads, nuuuuuuu. My Brawl skills are so rusty, I might as well just hand over my ten bucks to you. :p

    I thought about playing doubles, but everyone just plays G&W, so it's not very interesting. I might play friendlies though. We'll see.
    Probably not. He lives all the way out in Hammonds Plains, and I don't have a car. :(
    Ah, I had completely forgotten about those videos! I can't even remember who I used in that tournament. I'll go ahead and subscribe.
    Depending on my future money situation, I may also be getting a 360. What games do you play? I'll keep you posted on that.

    I still play Brawl every weekend, Wi-fi me some time. I don't even try to CG online anymore, so that should be an incentive, I guess? XD
    Nooooooo!!! I was away for the weekend for thanksgiving, just got home late this afternoon. You're seriously giving up Brawl? Even non-competitive stuff?
    This is true. :bee:

    Mostly, I think I would like it just because it's so much faster than Brawl. Hmm, I'll have to see if I can find a used copy.
    Someone must've been using my old tag. Weird.

    On a totally unrelated note, should I get Melee?
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