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  • If you can't do it then I can, I would just need you to go over it to make sure it's good.
    Not here yet, he may take an hour. Just come when you can, it should be fine.
    There somebody coming to fix the door that I had forgot about. You may want to come at 4:00 instead. If you are here earlier it probably won't be a problem but I'm not 100% sure.
    No, I'm a casual gamer now.

    I'm not into it right now. I don't know if that will change or not.
    I probably won't be hosting this weekend. I have a midterm on Saturday and another on Wednesday, so I will have to study. I could try to make some time next week though.
    You can still come over tomorrow! I think Linkshot will still be coming too.
    Hey Charles! This week isn't good for me. How does Next week on Saturday from 2:00 pm onward at my place sound to you?
    It'll be from 1pm to 6pm. Your welcome anytime. :)

    I'm going to have to change the day to Tuesday. Some family stuff came up.
    I might be able to. How about on Monday the 27th? I should be free then. I'll confirm on Christmas Day in the evening.
    Hey no one else contacted me saying they want to play but if you're still interested you're free to come over any time today. Just let me know ahead of time when you're coming. 613-850-2557
    Sounds good! I will PM you when I find out when I'll be there and for how long.

    I don't know if my brother would be able to come or not.
    Sorry I couldn't make it. :( I'll be less busy when my midterms are over on Saturday.
    Hey, it's PND, my computer won't log on to the internet :( Apparently I can't send you a PM from this account so I'll tell you the address here instead. 21 hogan st, unit 9
    actually, I just called up my friend, and he has a car :) Would it be okay if we both came to smash for a bit today? If we do, it would be around 3 30 that we arrive-is that cool?
    hey, I can't travel today cause I don't have my car. How do you feel about coming to barrhaven to play? I'll be home all day, you can stay till whenever. let me know.
    yo charles, I just got on a comp. Any chance youre willing to smash for a bit past 6 tonight? If that's cool let me know, I sleep pretty late :). Even an hour or 2 is cool.
    Would you like to be the other TO for the Monthly? I would appreciate your help again!
    I'm not sure if I'm showing up to the smashfest 100% but I'll do my best to go.
    I have an eye appointment at 11:30 on Saturday. I'll do my best to make it there after I'm done.
    Dunno if I'll make it, my cheque didn't come in yet so I don't have my new bus pass. If my cheque comes in tonight / tomorrow, definitely. If not, I'll see what I can do.
    Sure we can try the second way. See you monday/tuesday.

    p.s You should meet me at my house, there's a 118 bus stop and 96 bus stop 5 mins from my house. And it is a good way to meet up. up to you.
    Haha good stuff, some of them are close to Dalhousie, but we host bi-weeklies at a local gamestore where it would be the best place to find people to play. If you do end up coming here, we'll give you the directions to get there easy, and you could meet the NS scene! :)

    Though you may end up playing Brawl a few times...unless they let you and I melee friendly the whole time, most people end up playing all Brawl and Melee's left in the dust. Sadface.
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