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  • yoo my friend just won 50 bucks from a U of T tournament...im surprised you havent gone to one of these tournaments yet :p
    yo kai I just got back , I wasn't planning on hosting 2day because I thought I wouldn't be back. But unexpectantly I am back, if you see this message I'll be hosting all day up to like 7:30 ish. Tell me if your up for some smash.
    yo kai i can host 2day from 12-6 . And yes I'll be here . Tell me if your up for smash.
    yo kai, if you can come over for the smashfest that'll be great, unfortunatly I can't give you a lift because I don't have my g2 and my parent's have the car right now. Let me know if your able to get transportation.
    Yoo you might ve saw what i posted on the thread but whatevs

    Luckily theres a tournament if you DO come on the 24th :)
    Check the Ottawa Melee's thread OP for more details. Chris is hosting
    Yo check the ottawa melee thread
    theres some vids of you!
    if u dunt like RPG music MUTE
    yo banana the smashfest might be cancelled 2day: bc al cant come, blitz isnt responding , linkshot is out of town and Manaman is with Bc al. So if you decide to come it will be 1 vs 1 with me, I'm cool with that but if you can't ( due to the lack of participants ) give me a shout. Thanks
    yo smashfest 2morrow at 1:00. Tell me if you could make it thanks. If you can make it ill send you the location and etc
    lost connection after like 10 seconds on 2nd and 3rd games, not sure if its my wii (it was loading a bit slow), my internet, or maybe we're just too far away. I'll try a match again some other time if you want, but for now I'm just gonna update my guide and stuff.
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