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  • Hey, this is the Link main from the 64 tournament moving to Ottawa tomorrow. Let me know what address, date, time you'd like to play some friendlies in person.
    hey i am interested in attending the ssbm meets, was wondering if you can tell when and where they are happening?
    I can do Thursday, yeah. What time should I be there? Thinking I'll head out around 4:45 this time, though.
    yea I prefer to come earlier because I don't know how long I can stay. I should be there around 1:30 ish? Is he there right now? How long will he stay?
    Hey Chris I might be down on Monday or Tuesday let me know what times work for you. And I think link would also be interested as I saw him posting in the thread.
    yo chris let me know if the smashfest on saturday is called off, otherwise I'll be there for sure.
    K, if you knock and no one answers just come in. Chances are they might be upstairs / downstairs and didn't hear it. You've got my permission, if anyone asks (they probably won't)
    Whoops, didn't realize I was posting on my own wall
    Hopefully shortly after, depending primarily on driving time and traffic
    I'm out of town at the moment, but my roommates should be there tomorrow. If you can give me a rough estimate for time I can call ahead and double check that they'll be there.
    I haven't had a chance to check the tapes yet (Alan and Mason are STILL here lol) but I'm working 5 PM -9 PM for the next few days, so any time before or after that time period works for me. I might be traveling for a bit in the later half of the week, I'll keep you updated with those plans -- but even if I'm gone, my roommates have no problem with you popping by.
    Yo chris I was wondering if you can host a smashfest this week before the tourny. I wish I could, but my house is going renovations right now.
    I doubt this 'tournament' would be big enough to be considered a tournament lololol we barely get like 9 people to come to a gathering at times hahaha
    Yo Chris just before the exams I will be hosting one last time in a while tomorrow. I haven't played in a while and I really want to. I can host tomorrow all day so come whenever you feel like but tell me what time you will arrive. It probably will be 1 v 1's again just to let you know.
    yo chris I'm up for smashfest 2morrow from 12-6pm at my house. Tell me if your up.
    lololol how d u do?
    no one posted results...do you remember some of them? at least top 3 in each event?
    also are you hosting next week? I kinda miss smashing against a human now lol
    pshh you re good man. you ve got better reads than i do. I actually beat GanonPWN!s falcon though...hmm

    You wana send Mouse directions to your house?
    Depends on the number of setups available. If there's minimum 2, hopefully 3 or more, yes that's definitely doable. It'll be tight and we'll need to make sure people play their matches ASAP though.
    Yeah, I'm good with doing stuff on the weekend. And also, I don't dislike melee; I used to play it, but I really don't want to get into it cause of the all the tech skill involved. I don't feel like learning a complicated game, that's all. I'm totally fine with it.
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