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  • Linkshot
    Moved onto Pit and the Koopa Kids for the most part, but I find the whole cast really interesting right now so I just mess around. Also, I felt realllllllly ****ed up because my hand had completely lost feeling and left me a little winded until it warmed up.

    Not sure about Lucario's matchups right now. I think they generally follow the same method as Brawl: Heavy + Powerful + Fast = bad.
    I only hear/read negative things about Koopa Kids. How do feel about them? Also nooooo I hate Pit. But I agree everyone is really fun to play and I enjoy messing around with almost everyone. Also =( about your hand. Are you gonna enter the next biweekly? I was watching the stream and it was really hype =P.

    Heavy + Powerful + Fast = ... Charizard?? I guess Fire is super effective to Steel, so it makes sense.
    I think the Koopa Kids are the most fun characters in the game right now. I like them in enthusiasm, aesthetic, and their mechanics. I also play Pit just because Uprising is probably one of my favourite games and I want to rep that.

    I was thinking Bowser and DK fit the bill, but Charizard is probably also terrifying, though easy to gimp.
    You can come at about 1:00 pm or later. I'll want to play Melee and 64 probably.o
    I'm not sure, maybe Thursday? I'm pretty hyped about playing, lol! Another day would probably be good too.

    John started playing 64 recently, he lost his rust pretty fast.
    lol. I was sort of wonding how you got such a nice capture, but the game freezing only recently occurred to me as a possibility.

    I don't think I've ever had a DS game freeze on me, though I have had it with console games (most notably the N64, and sometimes it's weirder than freezing). I've found that the music tends to keep playing even when a game freezes.

    For example, one time I loaded up Pokemon Stadium 2 and it was working really slowly. Even the introductory "Pika!" sound was really slow and low pitched. It was funny and frightening at the same time.

    Question, though; in that pic you posted, did the game freeze?
    Yeah, that would work.

    As of now it's pretty constant no matter what, isn't it?
    You mean making a bigger stack fall faster or what? I don't entirely get what you mean, haha.
    That actually sounds interesting.

    Sakurai should focus on making another version of Meteos and not on Smash yet, IMO.

    Brabbit's just so hard to take down because it doesn't really shift speed on how many blocks the stack is supporting.
    That happened on my DS Lite before I sold it.

    The game's trying to cheat you out of an accomplishment, IMO.
    Oh, I see now, haha.
    That's weird.

    I have no idea why that would happen.
    I tried playing Meteos recently but my DS's screen is getting worn down now (I have a DS Phat too).
    What is this here?
    Looks like you managed to fill the screen on the credits.
    Hey Linkshot, what time are you able to come tomorrow? 12:30 pm at the latest would be fine with me so I can set up your TV and Gamecube.
    haha awesome. I never knew you used Falcon. At the first BISB, all you used was Lucario and me too I know how to use Ness quite well but his recovery gets ***** to easily so forget it lol.
    Everyone xD. Well currently, I'm using Falco, Bowser, C.Falcon and Rob the most. A lot of people are actually impressed with my CF. Wish you can come for the tourney so I can show you that low tier can **** Lucario =P.
    Well, actually, I don't main anyone and I never mained Diddy Kong at the first BISB, I just was using him a lot that's about it and if we just sum it all up, I actually never had a main lol.
    BISB 2 and It'll be cool if you can at least come for some friendlies. I dropped Diddy Kong by the way lol.
    If you can convince a friend to order it/get it as a late Christmas present for him/her, maybe you'll get some.

    Layazero Score is now past the 300k mark.
    I'm still not sure on that poison business lol
    The problem with Poison=Zoo is that poisons come in all forms: biological (animal/plant/etc.), synthetic, and mineral. :/

    H2O=Ice though, that one's just stupid.
    Although it COULD be saying that the place is cold, like how I view Fire (the place is hot). But a lack of Fire would do that just fine.
    New Meteos types=pretty much fail.

    Apparently they changed some of the music (Layazero's sounds janky) and added/changed Meteos types. Layazero now has Ice.
    Well I'm OCD so I HAVE to do it.
    I'm interested in what they'll put up for Meteos Wars.
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