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  • Legit, we'll definitely have to play some Melee when you come on down. Syko and I along with a couple others are the only ones who play Melee and actually care to learn some of the techs haha
    He showed up yesterday but he left early, I am pretty sure the smashfest I went to was the last one, but I'll try to make it to Cam's last smashfest. There was a ton of melee players this week , we had to rotate doubles. We had Chloroform ( HE'S REAL LOLOL), Chris, Me, Daniel, HiDEf, Randy, Cam and Mike. Diakonos is coming next week, it is CONFIRMED.
    Yeah it was a random visit lol, we played a coupla single matches for like 1 hour and a half and then he had to go .
    It's my friends birthday today and she'd be mega ticked if I missed it lol. Count me in for next week, for surez. (As long as weather doesn't go crazy again)
    I know at least one guy in dal, lol. You should also come to the tourney on the 30th of jan, there will be melee and brawl.
    Hey Charlesz, sorry for the very late notice. I might be able to come today if I can get a lift. I'll bring my gamecube if its still needed. I'll confirm as quickly as possible if I'll be there 100%.
    I don't know when I'll be there, but I will be there. Also thank you for PMing me your address.
    Sorry I haven't been on Smashboards for a while. I might be able to make it today, possible sometime between 2:00 - 3:00, but I am not 100% sure. I will inform you ASAP. Also could you PM me your address? I have lost it.
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