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The Good Doctor
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  • You were at GHQ last time and we didn't exchange pleasantries. Then again, you may not know I changed my handle.
    That's unfortunate, seeing as how i'm having dr peepee teach me fox now lol. i lost to link and sheik at apex (beating a fox in between), and not making it out of pools. another ganon is dead lol.
    All I do is win, aint that the reason that you really mad?
    Undisputed, hailing all the way from Trinidad.
    I aint mad ma, I see you on yo bummy swag.
    I'm in that money green jab, lota money bags.

    His down smash is really freaking hard to WD OOS > punish on. So I don't really recommend going for a direct punish on it. Instead, I'd suggest just WDing into a decent range for Sheik's generic attack spacing and then going from there. Sheik wins mainly by just doing what Doc does in the MU but she's better at it so just try to play to that.

    F-tilt is really dangerous when he's on the ground. He's gonna try to run into it and crouch into a good counterattack, or shield into an up smash OOS or grab (up smash works if you're not tipping it, basically). Doc depends kind of heavily on people attacking him with weak moves and him netting a good counterattack from it, so just grab him and do a generic throw combo. Not much really works on him, but as long as you keep him from getting his footing back you can do some long fake combos that rack reasonable damage. I actually do recommend f-tilt after d-throw vs DI away on this guy sometimes because the regrab is really hard and it's easier to just keep him in the air anyway.

    Doc likes to full jump and try to out-time Sheik's tilts and slap and then come in with stuff. You can counter this by just running by him and bairing though. Bair in general is really good against him, same with fair. Dash dance into grab or dash attack is also pretty good vs his ground game.

    Don't fall for the tornado recovery. Bair through pills or around them. Manage your invulnerability well.

    Good luck! :)
    Sweet, want to Ike ditto when we play PM? Also, have you seen Magus' Ike before? I'm so hyped to try out FThrow -> QD -> turnaround BAir.
    By the way, what characters are you looking forward to playing? In addition to Ike, I want to try out Wolf, Charizard, and Toon Link. You better not be sticking to Sheik :p.
    I'm at NU until the summer, so I don't have Wi-Fi =/. Even if I did, I don't think I'd want to do it with a game that's as technical as Melee; Lag-Fi was all right for vBrawl because of how slow the game was anyway, but I think P:M online would be a lot harder.
    You mean this one, right? I wasn't considering it because I don't have a ride =/. I just might be able to do the Smashing Grounds on 5/26 though, that'll be after my finals.
    I totally would've gone this past Saturday, but I had to take the GRE =/. But yeah, when's the next tournament going to be? The quarter hasn't picked up yet, so I'm totally down for tournies right now. It doesn't look like anything is planned for the next few weeks though.
    I'm at a loss for words... def the best fox combo vid ive ever seen in my life.

    So, I'm watching the vid and see him showing off doing tech **** and wasn't really impressed. But then the combo vid starts and my hand is covering my mouth at some of the combos hes pulling off...

    I'm definitely stealing 2:14.. A lot of these things I can already do, I really like how he shine wave lands to the end of a platform, drops and edge cancels the edge of the stage. Thanks for showing me this
    LOL nice xD.

    I made top 8 once or twice I think.

    I barely didn't top at jump because my opponent topped a BLS I was mad =[
    Make a thread in forum support with examples of said person doing trollish things in a trolly way!

    Or speak to one of the Midwests mods about it personally and see if they can handle it

    I'm hosting the next newbie mafia game and I was wondering if you wanted to join because I saw your post in the Sole Calibur mafia thread saying you had no idea how to play. If you're intereted let me know!
    yes. just check the groups. ull know haha.

    has the entire discussion color coded for pro m2/pro zelda. also neural **** in white lol. some of it was funny.
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