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  • Yo dave, I'm hosting a smashfest at my house this saturday from 12:30 to 6. I sent you my address before but if you don't have it I'll send it to you again.
    hey chrusher, check the ottawa melee thread for some of your vids! if u dunt like RPG music just mute :p
    yo chrusher, Kai is probably unable to come, Linkshot can't and BC Al can't either, I have yet to hear from Chris. So if you do come,it 'll be just 1 v 1 against me. And if you do decide not to come because of the lack of people just let me know.
    Yeah the tabletop stuff. Thats what i played back in NY lol. I was the regional champ for awhile haha thats cool. You'll see in my sig that there's a chaos marine in it :D

    Lol, don't use the custom ones then.
    lol dang man that sucks. noel said you were still here, oh well. ever gonna come back?

    and cast4 is a no go sorry my dude.
    lol sup man long time no talk

    yeah I probably am. why hbu?

    noels having a smash fest durring the 12th/13th. u going?
    rofl good luck teaming with him >__>

    wow sorry that had to be your first event lmao hopefully gigabits will be better
    sup man. i finally found your account lol. i had fun teaming last week hopefully we can team at gigabits for melee next month again if your down that is.

    was that your first tourney in the states? LOL
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