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  • To roll a DK you have to have a level 55+ character on any realm.

    And DKs start at 55...

    But if you use a mod called QuestHelper it should only take you like a week to get to 55 and it'll be crazy easy.

    Good lord you level slow lol

    and yeah, DK is waaaaay OP, but they're sex.
    High enough to get into contested zones.

    Although to be safe I'd get at least level 60 before going to say, Stranglethorn or Redridge.

    The guards are *****, and sometimes other high level players will come to their aid.

    Then again, I have a level 80 Death Knight so **** them, I'll rip out their entrails while dancing an Irish jig on their face.

    End game stuff is fun.
    PVP is fun if you're in the right group.
    You gotta get high enough to kill the 12 year old alliance kids.
    then the game is fun.
    oh snizzap. you're right.

    not doing a lot, cooking lunch and going to lounge until my interview at 2pm.
    Does Darth Nihilus ever hold his lightsaber that way? I know it's official art, but he seems like a Shien user more than anything.
    Well it can help you get ideas. Even I watch videos and sometimes thing "why don't I do that". Of course, Im not able to play brawl very often, so that explains it. If you're not able to play with me, go up to Gainsville and play the people up there at worst.
    Lol Im not homophobic I love gay people. :D

    And in general it can but in your case, you can learn "how to do things" from vids. You have smarts, you just need knowledge now. So I think vids would help you a lot.
    Lol alright lets keep it no homo. Anyway while I can't play I study vids, so as far as learning brawl, that's the best option.

    Even if you think its boring to watch lol.
    I would if I didnt have online classes and volunteering and homework and a social life and if I had a car and a job and freetime and enough motivation to drive two hours to teach you brawl. :p

    If you come down here I can teach everybody and junk. And if its a planned meeting then it's more likely I can actually show up.
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