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  • yo man i've heard that you're playing melee again.

    i tried texting you but i think you don't have that number anymore. there are more players in springfield now than when you stopped, and a few of us are decent. let me know if you wanna play sometime
    Don't worry I don't even remember if I was reckless. But I guess I usually am but I still do good in some way. :3
    Haha I see. I actually like doc dittos. : D It's fun! It was fun playing you though. : D

    I guess you can tell I might be a little reckless. xD
    You went to Nojohns last time right? I was the doc who was seated behind you haha. : D You played Sheik I think. I just wanted to clarify. : D Sheik is a tough match up for me. : D
    yo how did you get that hack on your sd card that makes you able to use a gamecube controller on the wii menu?
    lmao sorry for being mad late.

    I kinda.. forgot to reply LOL.

    And if you don't mind I have a few people I have in mind asking to team with. If at the end we both don't sure.
    Yeah, I'd agree with you. I tend to go into matchups thinking "Well, this is impossible." And I think you can tell that during our tournament matches (and a little during our friendlies, but much less so), I was playing way worse than I should have been. I would miss d-air to knee and just didn't play right overall. I generally tend to think I'm no good and choke versus good players. I'll listen to Gimpy's advice, though. I've heard it before, but I could definitely use to hear it again. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll give you more of a challenge in the future :p Mafia and I go pretty even, so hopefully if I don't choke, I'll be placing top five next time XD
    Hey man. I saw on your shoutout that I needed to change my mentality. Just curious about what you meant. I couldn't quite pick it up from what you said there.
    sup big guy,

    so i'm planning on hosting another tournament this summer with skler's help, and thought i'd drop you a line. i'm putting it out there early so it can be even more awesome than last time, there's a thread up in atlantic north.

    Hey Roman, just making sure you knew I was kidding the other day when I was acting all cocky :p I didn't really take offense at what you said or think much of it at all. I act cocky as a joke because I think it's hilarious when other smashers do it seriously. But in retrospect, I realized that people can take that seriously.
    Hey ummm where was the hotel that you are going to be crashing that's "mad cheap"?

    I've got Omni saying that we should bug you and your peeps to tell us lol.

    And spife's not riding with you now?
    well I'm totally willing to host, should I just find a date in a week and do it then?
    If I move some things around in the guest room we could fit like, 6-7 tvs in there i'm sure.
    well we only have like a few more weeks, my guest room could take people but I'd need to find a good time to do it.
    I'm not very good at organizing a group of people though. Brains not wired that way.
    sounds good dawg.
    You should come up the night before cause we haven't played in fo EVA!
    Well it's 2pm-11pm, and I'm about 1.5 away so if we left at 12:30 we'd be fine, so maybe come earlier that morning? You think you can get here around 10?
    Erm... How about Thrusday? I don't get off work till 5 though...

    Playing Flaco tomarrow. But as #3 in our area I wanna play both my betters, not just one of them lol. O.o
    *coughs* I think you meant "downside"... lol.

    Let me know if you are ever free. Flaco wants to set something up I think...
    Hey Romannnnnn... what're you up to?

    Will you be free for some Melee like friday night after 5? If not then i'll see you at MM on Sunday.
    =D whatever dude. have fun. they're probably better competition than I am anyways... (Self-John lol)

    I'd ask to tag along, but I would've only had time between 4:30 and 6, if that, so yeah...

    I drove to Newton TWICE last weekend for my sister's band tourny, only for neither of them to win the "Battle of the Bands".

    I am going to Mass Madness though. the 19th only I figure, since I don't play Brawl. there's rumors that Ken will be there.

    Super Mass Bros 3 after that.
    *coughs* okay. ace used to live in ludlow... and still might, I dk...

    You up for some melee tomarrow maybe? I'm learning how to JC shines with Falco. Its sexy ****.

    This one is working all week... 'cept tomarrow...
    That's fine. I kinda would've had to back out of it myself. Turned out to be too busy. >.>

    Sometime later this week maybe?
    o.o um... you left a message on your own page. O.o

    "practice"? you play a sport of some kind? (Or maybe you mean that gitaur you've got.)

    I'll have to see... I may not know until monday proper...

    I start work on wed.

    P.S. what's the guy's name who lives in ludlow? I don't remember...
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