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  • Hey Mokumo wassup. You remember me? I used to be CF741. Anyways could you critique my LATEST videos in the "plz critique my falcon thread" it should be easy to locate (its a hot topic and has a about 50 posts so far.) Thanks man
    Congratulations! you are now in the " The 4 Stocked/Amazing Matches Thread" for your come back in our first tourny match and I'm not sure why I did that to my self -.- BUT I'm in that thread twice now :3
    Yeah but you had to pack up before we played. So we should also play if something happens
    school first
    ****** you second
    AND I live on the other side of the state
    MA should organize smash fests.
    lul you better have a good fox cause my link will **** it just as hardddd sonn, same with ganon!
    I'll **** you next itme I play sheik, how about that lol
    Yeaaah I forgot about those. I keep forgetting about them pools. Nah son, not quittin link.
    Not if I have a secret weapon. A HIGH TIER! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA
    But no seriously I'm going to **** you sideways, then straight up, then maybe I'll kill you off the bottom :bee:
    Dude guess who's reflector is the fastest move in the game?

    It's DaShizWiz's. Doesn't matter what you think, HE has the fastest move in the game.
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