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The Irish Mafia
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  • hey boi. we should hang out sometime. are you the best peach in the world yet?
    Hey whats up, good games at the last no johns, I was wondering if you felt like doing teams for the April tourney, go double Peach. Let me know what you think? I have a good feeling my partner will bail out on me again.

    Yeah, I've been calling that platform float canceling. Is their another name for it? When you use the changes in character animation during the aerial to land on the platform while rising.

    Its great if you get the exact right spot below the platform and instant FC up-air. Its really timing/spacing sensitive so I can't really incorporate it yet. Like, off by a bit and it either doesn't work or you land before the hitbox comes out. Armada definitely float cancels up-air to nair on platforms. Its a little faster getting to the position for the followup nair when you FH into an instant FC up-air on a platform.

    When I say "perfect" FC, I'm just referring to it being landed the frame after the hitbox connects. Its absolutely possible to do this with fair and dair. Its harder with bair and up-air. Much harder with nair. Might not be possible to just SH into an instant float into FC nair with frame perfect timing.

    Like, I can't get a nair out early and then FC as fast as I want. Its like I'm at the point technically where I can do one or the other... so really bad lol. So bad. Its embarrassing, especially when most people seem sooooo freaking technically adept. W/e I'm working on it.
    There's no reason fair, bair, and up-air can't be perfectly float canceled from floating right above the ground. Nair has too small a frame window and idk about dair. Fair is totally possible to perfect fc though (landing the frame after it hits) because you've got lots of time for the ff input.

    Thanks for the response btw. The theory bros lecture isn't new to me lol. G-reg, VaNz, Lain, Allied, have said similar things. I get that this stuff isn't that important, I just enjoy research in general. Don't worry about upsetting me lol, I often end up working with dementia patients and they say some crazy offensive stuff at times

    All Peach's aerials except down air lead into grab when fresh vs. Most of the cast. Assuming a perfect FC to grab, everyone except Bowser can buffer a spotdodge. Bowser doesn't have inv till the frame after the grabbox is out so he'll still get grabbed. Jiggs and Yoshi can roll away, all other rolls won't be inv when the grabbox comes out.

    I just remember talking about advantages on block and you saying buffer roll works. It won't if the fc to grab is perfect.
    609 440 4655
    I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it cause I might try and go home to pick up more of my stuff for my place. I know its Matt's last hosting so Ill do my best
    Ehhh I don't really plan to enter teams plus Marth + Peach is an awful team. Sorry man.
    sheltered?! i went to pound V man...i played peepee in some a few friendlies. won the friendly set 2-1 with minimal sandbagging from either side ;)
    hell yeah. we're flying in thursday morning we should be there by 6 or something.
    oh yeah, how much you willing to lose? ;)
    i'm so hyped to just meet you guys...let alone play! can't wait.
    hey. sure that would be nice. actually that was my most nervous set that day lol. i mean all i could figure out was to camp bc i dont know how to confront zelda in the air...
    uhhh yeah its fullmetaltyphoon forgive the sn, i made in 6th grade lol. im on occasionally, so if u ever wanna talk, yeah...
    oh, i see. well, thanks for that! it's good to hear feedback from others from other regions, being in socal its sometimes hard to know how i play relative to others, haha. also, good for you about the mu, lol, i hate that mu, dont know how you do it :)
    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the compliment on stab's vid, I'm surprised you managed to find/watch it lol. I would've responded on youtuve, but i don't have an account, so yeah...>.>
    dude, that'd be amazing! I'll be there from 17-24 (but probably not too inclined to smash first couple days cause Im prepping for/auditioning at berklee on the 19th). After that is great, lets work out the details :)
    Awesome! What times do you normally meet at?

    I'm 248.825.6143

    Do you think anyone would have an extra controller they would loan or sell me?
    uhg, sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry. it's hard to get a day in my house because of a situation atm, if it's not too late you could come like right now or something... that's also kinda why i asked if we could play where you were staying at. ._.
    rage jorjreiei... i actually likely have to do stuff today that will range into like the... 7-8 PM hour. ._.
    i was actually sleep, my bads. ._.

    you probably thought of moonshine on the no cell part, but he doesn't live particularly close to me.
    nah, i had just gotten into smash last year, and i never played you, i would've remembered.

    Oh well, that's too bad. I don't think I'll have a way there unless i get my sister to take me or something, anyway, you'll be here for a bit? That would be great, I'd love to play a good player such as yourself even if I'll ge grapd lmfao, would be good practice.

    Once again, too bad about the tournament. =(
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