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  • Cura and Eevee went to some Candian tournaments in the past, and Canada people used to come over here back in 2009. Since Cura and Eevee are going to be gone, there probably aren't going to be any tournaments here anytime soon (other than Sharky's or Troy's).

    Mississauga and Toronto are only a few hours away surprisingly. I checked the bus fares from Buffalo and it's like $15-$20 one way on megabus lol. There's a special $25 fare from Rochester to Toronto, but only Saturday afteroons (so missing the tournament lol)
    What do you think about getting a passport to go to Canadian tournaments?
    crazy. i just had some flashbacks when i heard you were mad close and that you had no cell.

    so, smash today/tomorrow?
    Yep. I won't be able to make it to that tournament as we'll be getting there around midnight on the 26th, but I'll be around. I played with some people last year around buffalo, you might have been one of them lol
    Yup. I don't use it much for anything though but some trollin' and asking Witch Hunt about their patches and stuff. Probably not gonna bother them until Umineko EP 8 comes out though lol. XD
    Boo, I'm not a fan of being grabbed. Yeah, we're going to need some dedicated people if we're going to start up a smash scene here. I already know I won't be dedicated enough to do it lol.
    At least I have more imagination - I'm not playing MK like everyone else and their grandmothers. How's that for trolling? Yeah. Get at me.
    Screw that, I used to play Diddy and wasn't bad with him. Then I saw his placement on the tier list and was like, I'm not doing this haha.

    Toon Link's as high as I'll go up the Tier List.
    I used the ICs in Melee a bit when the game first came out, they're not too hard to use, but they got boring for me. And Peach is fun, but I haven't put ample work into mine to make her usable for anything remotely competitive.

    Other than Ness & Toon Link, I'll play Yoshi, Peach, Mario, & Captain Falcon just for fun.
    Haha true true. I'm better with Ness anyway. Toon Link is just a fun mix-up so I don't get bored of Ness. You play anyone else somewhat seriously besides MK?
    That could work - Although unless Goggles told me wrong, he said he'd do all the driving from Rochester to Buffalo to Syracuse in one day. But we'll work out all the specifics later.

    And MK in doubles is cool by me. I primarily use Ness, although I'll break out Toon Link occasionally.
    Well Goggles said he'd drive us to some of the bigger events, right ? I'm thinking October 9th will be my inaugural 'real' upstate event, provided if I can get a ride. If not, I'm down for throwing down the money on Amtrak & going to Syracuse that way.
    For real? That sucks. I have like 3 classes today so I don't know how much work I'll be hit with since it's the first time I'm having these classes, but definitely sometime soon. Perhaps tomorrow night at the Union lol.
    Yeah dude what's your number? I'll hit you up with a text or something if anything goes down, although don't count on it tonight, but I'm pretty sure they said Wednesday at 8. I don't really use AIM too much, but add me anyway - appledaddy357 (I made it when I was 8 don't hate lol)
    Which part of the city are you in? I haven't seen any PriceRites around here, although Target is amongst my best friends thus far.

    Yeah, that'd be pretty legit - One of these weekends I'll make it down & we'll Smash **** up. Speaking of which, I think Smash Club starts tonight at 8 pm, but don't hold me to it. There's a huge concert tonight on campus, so it may be cancelled, but I'm going to head over to the Union anyway at that time. Once the Club is up & running full time I'll let you know & we'll tear **** up. (And for myself, not getting completely torn apart would be nice.)
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