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  • just stay in touch as much as you can, if you cant go you cant go, because school is more important, but it never hurts to be informed ya know? i mean thats why youre in school to begin with right?
    You dont have a car?

    dang... well do you still want to come to the tourney? cause I can get you guys if you can put up a bit for gas.
    Go to smash club tonight. we need to know if you are going to be able to come to the tournament this weekend. It would be super helpful if you could transport bluepeachy, so I dont have to drive up to buffalo and back two times.

    585-269-8444 call or text me
    716-931-9736 or peachy (anthony) so that we may fill you in on the situation. its important that you contact one of us asap
    Can't wait to play! I has been bored! *stretches* be prepared to face a garbs player, lol. We need to try to build up the buffalo scene a bit more. Kid told me to talk to Cura about it, since he's good at starting up scenes.
    Thing is, I haven't seen a tier list in over 2 years, so I think MK is a bad character whose just fast, and can't kill, tornado is a horrible move, and SL sucks balls. G@ME.
    I play too many people, but my Primaries are MK, ICs, and Peach. Although I haven't touched either since SS3.
    We'd likely just need a ride to Jesse's in Rochester the night before, and we could stay there, and then get Goggles to take us to Cuse.
    Yeah, probably. I get's boreds easily. lol. I hope good people exist, cause I don't want boring dubs. Also, just to let you know, I'll probably go all MK in doubles because I'm training for Oct 9th, it's not likely I can make the Sept. 11th one... maybe if I can get a ride...
    Uhm, well I don't have a cell, so yeah. >.< Anyway, it's probs tomorrow since it was Wednesdays last year, but I'mma be bored tonight and maybe we could find SOMEWHERE to play, lol.
    Oh sick, dude, you should call me, I can make it up there. PM me, or hit me up on AIM. feverdesire(lol, don't judge it)
    It's a dream come true for people in college, cause everything there is hella cheap, lol. there's one literally right by my house, but IDK if there's one near the North Campus. We gotta chill some day, and I can show you around. o3o
    Of course tournament is different, it's for money, so that doesn't matter, but even than I try not to do the gayest things possible if I have another option. People who use Mk already have enough crap to deal with, there's no point in being another gay MK. At least that's how I see it.
    Studying MK has shown me he has fallancies, they just aren't as noticable as a bad character. That's what seperates characters in tiers in the first place. Either way, I made a point of trying to not be an extremely gay MK, but rather trying to find smart, but not uber gay ways to out play my opponents. But what I soon realized was... everyone else was playing super gay, and after I realized that I thought that I shouldn't care how gay I get now. But I couldn't, almost everyone that I have played has told me "You're not gay enough" "More tornado" and such, but I'm trying to find a way around it. If there's anything I learned in this past year is that Brawl is a game of options, and there can't just be one with each character, it's not that limited, I know that for a fact, and until I am completely out of options, and I can't find a way around something, will I resort to the gayest tactics I can with MK. That's all I know that I will do.
    It's just, you have to face the facts, Brawl is a slow game(well, if you make it one). It's like MK is fun just because he's fast and ****, I always thought that, even when I first used him, I thought he was actually a bad character. Boy was I wrong. But, I've studied MK very well, and I know MK very well. With quite a few people as my witniss, my knowledge of MK is veyr vast, and I know better than almost anyone that MK isn't nearly as broken as everyone thinks he is.
    I can play like a million characters, but MK is just the most fun for me. I picked him before the first tier list even came out, but that doesn't really matter nowadays.
    I'd honestly say when I played them I was about a 7 or so, but that was months ago, I've definately gotten better. Like, when I'm on point I'd have to say about an 8.5 or something, lol. That's very rare, though. I need inspiration to play that well. They most definately aren't anywhere near the skill level of Cura and the others. Although, it might be different, there may be a few good people this year. Since it's kinda known now, I'm the undisputed best person in Buffalo ATM, but Buffalo's kinda dead, it's not really an accomplishment, lol. Plus I use MK.

    Either way, regardless of that, the people WERE bad, but hopefully they're better this year...
    Basically, it's not trying to get into 1v1s on each side of the stage, but more like you're trying to work off of your partner, and send the opponents back and forth with your teamwork. The best doubles players are able to do team combos even in 2v2 rather than 2v1. Also, if it does happen that you can't get the combo, and your partner is in trouble, it's better to leave what you're doing, and help them if you can save them. It's kinda a weigh your options type thing.

    Either way, the people there aren't very good at all, I'd honestly say the BEST person I played from there was maybe a 5-6 out of 10, the rest are honestly 2s and 3s.
    Well, when I went it was at 8:15 or so. I knew it would be on wednesday, but I just wanted to know when it would start. Also, if we have the same "Prez" as last year, the doubles are random, and stuff. But I'll probably bring my own setup and such and only allow doubles and 1v1s there, I'll team with you then. If the rules are different, and my regular teamie doesn't show up(which is highlyy likely) Then sure. ^^
    Regarding smash club, if/when it comes back, would you let me know?

    Also, I can show you where it's at, it's not much trouble at all for me to get to the UB North Campus' Commons.
    Ah, when I said "mirror," I mean I'm terrible at vs. the same character. Marth vs. Marth, weegee vs. Weegee, DK vs. DK, I can't do any of those.

    Yer definitely right that MK's popular; I know what he does in general, too, it's just pretty infallible. I can call a lot of what other people's MKs do, but ain't much I can do about it.
    Well most of the cast I've played a lot with and they have been good players quite often, so I pretty much know every match up and several tricks with each character (but not really on how to use them fully).
    I do that a lot in friendlies, because it isn't suppose to be serious. Although to let you know, I also don't play with my mains a lot in friendlies as well. Really the only characters I feel good with are limited to Ness and Lucas, then depending on the mood everyone else, like Samus, Wario, the Mario brothers, and so on, but it varies how good I'm feeling per day anyway.
    whatever works, mah dude, I just figured id let you know. its better than me not saying anything about a tourney that you could have made right?
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