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  • Been looking sround. A couple my sister and I have found. Mainly one that is 12 Hertel Ave. Which my sister recommends the most, but I was busy with regents and all, so I never got to check it out. Uhm, IDK if it's possible, but a particularly good site for a tournament is right on the UB North Campus where our smash club is traditionally held. It's in the commons, and it's pretty spacious, since they have a smash club, I guess a tournament would be possible once in a while. idk about it, so when Smash Club starts back up, I'll ask Prez, because I want to hold a few smashfests as well.
    Dunno much about Yoshi tbh other than what I mentioned already. Maybe dodging is better. Not sure...
    Yoshi's heavy, so he lives long. The main issue I have with Yoshi is his shield. That egg shield leaves absolutely no opportunity to use moves directly out of shield like everyone else can. His kill power is kinda subpar imo, but that uair IS beastly.
    Mario is considered the most balanced character in the game. Not too great at anything, but not bad at anything either.

    Yoshi actually has an astounding pivot grab that's very fast and still long ranged. Also his air speed is just amazing <3
    Well Lucario is a funny char that has various different styles of play. It could be that I play differently than he does.

    Oof, Yoshi. One of the chars that I have a hard time fighting. Imo he's a good and fun character, but his odd shield can be bothersome...
    I main Zelda and Lucario, so I go with both. I used Jiggs against Zen just for a fun ditto.

    Thanks though. I can see how Lucario surprised you.
    Yeah Good Games. Wifi takes time getting used to. You did good though. Nice Ness.
    Neutrals decided by stage striking mostly, but you can pick where we start. It doesn't matter to me. As for counterpicks, we can discuss them now. Mine would be Pictochat.
    Oh I'm here.

    K so what you want to do after signing on to wifi is to add my FC. So go to "With Friends", then "Friend Roster", then "Add New Friend Code". After entering my FC and typing in a nickname, it will say "Awaiting Registration", until I've added you. Once I add you, my info will show up and you will be able to join my game when it says "Seeking Brawl".

    So yeah, I'll be online in a few minutes.
    Oh yeah, when you get here, my friend CBC and I can give you pretty much any character practice you need as well. CBC is like a miini-Ninja Link lol.
    Well, I actually faced a really solid Ness main on Wi-Fi, his name is TJay. But we just had a good connection, so idk.
    Sorry, got tired and went to sleep. Let's try again tonight. I'll try to stay awake this time...
    Well, that's okay, that's the point of friendlies, anyway lul. Don't worry, I'll be able to give you srs matches if you ask for them. ^^
    Haha, I was just about to bring up Kid Icarus for that reason, they also brought back DKC which was really surprising. I hope MOTHER gets another chance.

    Haha it was nice to meet you. :) *hug* Hope to see you around, kick back and relax.
    Sadly, Mr. Itoi said he wasn't going to be making anymore some time ago, but I do hope he changes his mind. oh, and Dan? Cool, call me Chloe. :)
    Of course Tomato. I always encourage the Nessers (Ness mains) to be as welcoming as possible. We really don't have any players who are rude or mean to new people so you're safe with us.
    Well, I actually don't ask often. Ness mains just, add me. I guess you could say I'm well loved around the board. :) Which is nice.

    Don't worry about it, if you ever need me I'm here for ya.
    Oh psh, I know all the Ness mains! I am your mod after all. :) hehe...I don't mind at all. I'd ask to add you on AIM but...I don't know if you have one haha.
    Hey you need a friend. I'm going to add you and be your first friend on here :3
    I mean the people there are pretty iffy, and... jerks to be quite honest, but most of the people graduated, so I'm not sure.
    Oh hi.

    I'd say tonight if you're free. Let's say around 11ish? I'm in EST as well so there's no time confusion.

    If not tonight then we'll work out something another time, it's no problem. I have a flexible schedule.
    I have a little more reason to hate DDD, though, thankfully, this reason is also banned. I play Luigi, DK, Lucario, Marth, and IC. In no particular order. My ICs have been absolutely awful lately, though, so I hardly play them anymore. But yeah, I'm glad D3 isn't allowed to standing infinite two of my characters like he's actually able to.

    Dunno what my trouble characters are. I mean, meta knight, of course, but others it's more the player than the matchup. I guess marth, a bit. I'm also awful at any mirror.
    I heard about you from Sheth a Ness main, hm. Nice to meet you, looking forward to playing you... I have no clue when UB's smash club is starting back up, I haven't had word of it... so yeah. Neeways, when you get here be sure to hit me up. You're like the third new person coming to Buffalo, we're getting bigger. ^-^
    New buffalo person. You're the second ness in the general reigon. Fun character, very cool. Very irritating for my mains in general, good stuff.

    Follow the social thread just for chattin and familiarizing yourself with some of the names in the reigon (though buffalo people are a bit less active, so you'll need to probably just chat with blu on finding gatherings in-city.) Gear up.
    Introduce yourself, theres actually a decent sized group of people that play between UB and buffstate. that you can get in touch with through that thread.
    hi tomato well i won't give up ok so no matter what i will be try to talk with you ok so how are you ?

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