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  • You have entered my tourney and you guys said you had trouble connecting and lag

    And asked for a coin toss You have won that coin toss so You advance to the second round!
    Im my friends list, theres this guy "Zondafreak" his Ness is epic, ditto him and see what can you learn.
    Thanks, you destroyed me in the first one, & the second one was a bit closer.

    Mm yeah, I should've, but I didn't get many opportunities haha. You played very well. I also need to utilize the air-game more.
    The FC is: 0817-3534-1453

    My counter pick stage is Rainbow Cruise
    whats yours?
    o my please forgive me for not reply so soon im fine just looking if someone nedd help or something that i can do
    hi and thanks im happy and honored to be your friend so how are you tomato?
    o plase forgive me for that ok but well i see that you don't have a friends so...a ...would you like to be friends ?
    a hi ...a i want to ask you something are you the tomato member of starmen.net is because if you are is very good that you can do the patch of mother 3 in inglish and spanish lol for that can continue with that efford
    hey, i think im gonna be able to brawl...
    in my cousins house.

    Give like 30 mins to see if i can.
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