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  • What exactly did you do? T_T I guess i'll ask someone when I have time, im really curious. XD

    nah, I moved away for uni so the only game i took was a cube and melee =P
    Yeah, but I usually go all Marth offline.

    Lollloool. Doubt it. There's some really good people in my city, but I try. My next tourney is June 27th. >.>

    I'm nervous.
    Can't remember. I fell never pay atention. >.>
    Orly? That's cool.

    You still use ZSS?

    Lawl. Good luck.

    Yeah, it's been a while. o.o
    I got 9th. I lost to Meta Knight. >____>
    Then to the person who won. Bad luck I guess.

    I'm going to another the 27th. :]

    Orly? We talked about that place in spasnish class. How long are you staying there?
    I can't remember. Just a rumor, I guess.

    Vacationing? Where?

    Good luck with irl tourneys. I went to my first one last weekend. :]
    I see. >_>

    Well, I hope the drama things cool down.

    Orly? I heard that you quit smash or something.

    Yeah, that's cool. Diddy's fun, but I don't know if I'm what I used to be with him, so I might take a new character in light of him.

    MK's fun. You should do it. :p
    Not sure yet.

    Haha, instead of Snake? Is he good?

    It's pretty cool. School's over in a couple of weeks, and I have an assload of assignments. It's going to suck not being able to see some of my friends. But, yeah.

    How about you?
    I'll always be here. :]

    I see. >.>

    Okay, I guess. Just a lot of stuff has been going on, but I'll get through it. How's it been with you?
    It's been awesome.

    Haha, definetely.

    Well, I might be dropping Diddy for someone else. :p
    Haha. Silly cba. xD

    Yeah, man. Sucks not having you around. Still play Brawl these days?
    Aww. That's actually good to know. ^__^

    There's so many kind people here on SWF. I love you all. If I ever need to talk, I'll come to you.

    Why do you keep to yourself? There's so many people her who like you and care for you.
    Haha. And thanks, I was looking for a pic with all three of them, and this was perfect ^_^
    awww thats too bad
    btw heres the rule for my tourney
    Info about CBA
    "I main ZSS
    Second: Lucario/Marth
    Third: DDD

    Dislike: Falco, Wario, Olimar

    X-TRA RULE: You cannot play as one of CBA's disliked characters if your opponent is playing as one of CBA's favorite's
    dont worry about the tourney it will be fine
    and i asked about the characters for well...idk yet im gonna think of somthin
    nah dont worry i was gonna host another tourney anyways
    so this theme is you
    oh, and just a small question, what characters do you Like and Dislike (3 of each would be nice)
    its for the tourney ;)
    Actually, I've never left, it's just that I took a two week break from tournaments and I haven't been able to come on very often because of school. So, how are things?
    No problem, it's just not the same without you.

    And thanks. <3
    It looks much better with in 100x100.
    Find me evidence for creationism (hint: not the bible) and then I won't believe in the Big Bang.
    well have a great summer...i know ill host a tourney in honor of your not-so-bad-bannedness (or something like that even though you can't join)
    and if you say "no you don't have to", well im gonna anyways whether you like it or not lol :)
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