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  • And I thought you were complaining about not being relevant a bit ago... guess the frontpage disproved that today, huh?
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    Heh I suppose, but I more want to be recognized for my skill. I definitely am happy to give input that may help transgender people in the community thuogh ^_^
    Either way I'd say being on there means something~
    snakeee been rooting for you from the distance! I hope all is fine in your life.
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    do you mind me asking what that is?
    Its np, im open about this now...I decided to transition and have been doing so over the past 3 months on HRT
    wow congrats! do you still go by your birth name or no?(don't want to cause any confusion) I miss the days we talked on aim about anything... is there a better method of contacting you online :c
    Glad to hear. I disagree with the forced aspect, but hey, that's just me. I like that the game actually gets HARD and is skill based. It was a lovely playthrough. Need to replay it sometime.
    Yo, I left you a pm on aib where I can possibly help you out. Please log in and check it :D

    I know what you mean, it's not quite a "substance" show but I think it's good entertainment, which is what matters to me half the time.

    and Hideyoshi dresses up like every episode, good++
    You need a sexy new avatar, and I feel like making something.

    What anime do you want it from? :3

    thank you for this, you are wonderful and i'll always love ya girl <333
    Yo, wassup.

    Cura has been really getting on my nerves because he thinks I suck (who doesnt in this region) in doubles. So I wanted to know if you might want to team with me for the next WNY tourney you come to?

    I think we have pretty decent synergy naturally. Plus your character is super fun to team with (I actually picked her up about 2 weeks ago.) MK is just so dumb and omni-present in doubles that I try to avoid teaming with them.

    If you dont want to/dont think Im good enough. Id appreciate a straight forward answer.
    Um...I'm not sure. I can tell you his habits in game, but when I'm not playing it is difficult for me to...

    You think his D-smashes are gimmicks. I KNOW that he has gotten good enough at them to know exactly when it is good to use them. If somebody beats it with something he hasn't seen (Like M2K gliding up at the last second) then he adjusts accordingly. He knows what he is doing, he doesn't rely on gimmicks. He relies on the strengths of his character and his mind, which is very good at using those strengths.
    Well yeah, you guys can love and hate at the same time :D

    But seriously, they aren't really gimmicks. He has used them since day 1 but he is so good with them he hits. It is kinda like Ally. He has known how to do C4 combos for a long time. People know they are coming, but he still gets people with them. It is good to have them anyway.
    Please explain to me what is better about you than Nick (Not flaming, seriously am intrigued). Anything that can help him/something that he isn't doing could probably help him and increase the ZSS Metagame which is good for everyone :D
    it's ok

    i kinda needed the zss ditto training in case I play NickRiddle in tourny, cuz I doubt he'll go Zelda against me

    aib is back up again, so you can get credit for your win
    AIB went down for me after our match.


    I wanted to go to ps1 thinking you were gonna stay MK, dumb move on my part lol, so I could pick ZSS

    then when you said you were going ZSS, there was like 5 seconds left so I picked her

    but I'm glad I got to play you albeit thru wifi

    i hope aib can get fixed so you can get the win
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