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  • Mm, I'm the only person I know who plays Ness (at least people who I've actually played), so my experience against him is limited to cpus. The only other character who I can attempt to use at a competitive level would be Yoshi, but again he's not the most popular character either. I'm trying to get better with Peach, but getting the method down is tough. There's so much you can do with her, it's tough to really go with a single strategy - I always forget I can use radishes lol.

    Yeah, MK's a pain in the ***. There's really nothing else I can say about him. And sorry for the delayed reply, I thought I had already replied haha.
    Mirror? Who/What do you mean? I'm not caught up on all the Smash lingo just yet haha.

    Good choices, I played Luigi & The ICs a lot in Melee, not so much in Brawl though. I kind of got bored of them since I felt neither really changed much. Ness just got a whole lot more playable in Brawl, so I went back to using him again predominantly. But yeah, Meta-Knight is a pain to deal with, but he's so common that I guess it makes him less of a hassle, since everyone gets so used to fighting him. It's ridiculous how popular he is. >_>
    Thanks man, I plan on it. I've been playing Smash forever, but never was able to dive into the more competitive scheme. Hopefully at college I'll be able to do that a bit more.

    Yeah, Ness is fun, who do you main? I hate playing against Dededes, Snakes, & ZSS more than anything. Most of the other characters I can contend with a bit better, but those 3 in particular always give me problems.
    Yeah, NWC is the local crew I am trying to form. We pretty regularly play smash around here so if you are in the area feel free to look me up and we will find a time to practice.
    Hey, want me to upload them for you? I saw them on my SD card last week, but wasn't sure.
    lol, it's cool that you recognized reisen. Unfortunately, I don't do wifi, but there are a number of people who do.

    Even if you don't learn from other people's experiences, it might be a good call to watch videos of people who know stuff.
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