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  • Just letting you know that Celes and I finished the shield advantage data from Big's chart.
    Sadly no :( I was only going to come if there wasn't anything going on in NJ/NYC but now that there is I won't be going. I'll keep a look out for a future any future Axs tournies especially if there's one in the summer. If its in the summer I'd go there over a local over here.
    he texted me today
    Him:Whats going on with pound
    Me: Youre driving, were hopefully staying with sheth and youre going to money match esam
    Him: I dont have that kind of gas money to drive
    Me: I guess Im going to have to pay ur portion then.
    Yo, sharky, did you just post something as a comment on psp-hacks.com, in response to the openidea iso loader? Cause I saw a comment twith Sharky as the name. I know its not likely but I just thought I'd ask.
    I was originally planning on going but I'm fairly certain that I'm going to go to Cura's fest. I've been tired lately, and VC doesn't sound like that much fun. Also it's a long drive early in the morning. You going to Cura's fest?
    Nice! I was hoping. I'll be in Albany the night before, and probably won't get there until around 11 or 12, but melee is first (I'm pretty sure that's what Cura said) so we'll have plenty of time to warm up. Are you going to VC8?
    Are we still on for AXS? If you want to team with someone else because I haven't been online in like a bazillion years I understand. However, if you're still down with it team "We like our hats" sounds like a great idea to me!
    Interesting. Although, I don't have a PSP. So I'm not gonna get it soon haha.

    Thanks for posting the link.

    I shall play some more PSO to probably play with you next time at some big smash event haha.
    Oh, sorry, I haven't been on AiB since before the tournament. I'll check it tonight after work and class. I definitely wanna play to practice for teams. Also, my AIM is Zykxe. Is yours Sharky?
    darn, couldve went right now since they actually let me go but since Cura hasn't confirmed then I'll come a bit later since my mom has to go to an appointment. if he STILL doesn't reply we can do it at your house right?
    oh! lol sorry I noticed the time after I posted it but yeah if its today it may be possible but they come back at four so I have to wait til then to even ask em, I would prefer going to brawl @ Curas since I've been to his house before. is there a certain time you want me to show up?
    well, you already know my issue with fridays (stupid church...)but I will try and see if I can somehow make it, if cura is doing a smashfest I think that would be better. unless it HAS to be tomorrow but yea I might be able to (I hope...)
    We probably wont even be working that mess out till SS3, you know how we are...

    most likely Im going to set up a group, and whoever goes with me is going to be staying with Dr.g in NYC for the weekend. and im jsut not going to worry about anybody else.
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