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  • Do you have ANY sort of idea or hint to when Smash Club starts up? Also do you still have my other wii games, and SD card?
    Yeah, I feel like a lot of people just go in with MK and just 'nado the **** out of everyone because it's really easy to do. I mean, but being 'super gay' is going to be incorporated in any character's strategy at the highest level of play. Spamming the best moves/best combo of moves is going to help you for sure. I try to not fall into too much of a pattern with Ness. Everyone always expects a backthrow kill, or at least an attempt at it when getting grabbed in or near the death zone, but you have to mix it up to catch them off guard. Dthrow -> Uair was a combo I did accidentally on wi-fi once. But yeah, I know what you mean. I've played MK before and he is fun, but it just gets boring when you see nothing but grey masks in all the results threads.
    Yeah, now everyone probably thinks your an *** who just wants to win lol. I used to play Diddy until I saw how high he was. It made me feel like I'd have to do well if I played with him so I just dropped him lol.
    Yeah, sometimes I play well and other times I just bull**** around too much. Depends on the environment & my mood. Hopefully - I'd like to play some high quality players. I've had tournaments with my friends but none of them are really that serious about Smash. Haha yeah, you may as well be the best player living in your room lol. And yeah, MK is a cheap cop-out. :p Do you play anyone else? I've been trying to get better with Toon Link, but I'm still really only confident with Ness.

    If the club's run well it will be better. More people and more tournaments will definitely make the scene on the whole better.
    Seems interesting. I feel like it'd take a lot of practice to get really comfortable playing with someone - knowing their tendencies & styles, strengths & weaknesses. Definitely interesting. Although I still feel like 1v1 is the best demonstration of skill, and probably more intense at times. Although I could be wrong.

    And what would you rate yourself then on this scale? Hopefully I'll be able to compete, but considering no one from their club really posts here or goes to any of the Syracuse/Rochester events, I'd be inclined to think that they aren't as high-caliber players as the ones who play at Cura's house or wherever.
    I'd be inclined to think that the President last year graduated though, no?

    Sweet, thanks. I've never really played doubles though, it's kind of too hectic to really have too much of a set strategy other than doing whatever you can to kill the **** out of them. Unless I'm completely wrong. Also, how good would you say the people there are?
    Sure, I'm pretty sure they're starting back up on Wednesdays in Student Union on North Campus. They gave me a little ad at orientation with Captain Falcon on it. I'm not sure about times though. I'll get back to you once I'm up there.

    If they do doubles, would you want to team with a ****ty Ness player? :D
    Its fine, dont worry about it. I was trying to delay updating the PR but its taking too long. if you still want me to help you do it, get in touch with me. but Im not gonna rush you or anything.
    I was trying to delay updating the PR, but its taking too long. If you still want to do this, get in touch with me. but im not gonna rush you anymore.
    Dont tell anyone about the theme! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

    Its not going to be hard at all. just get an aim and message me.

    AND DONT SAY ANYTHING, I want it to be a surprise.
    welll be quick about it. the sooner you do it the sooner we can get working on finding these pictures for the PR.
    Oh yea, I knew that already. you thought there would be a picture with that exact situation just floating around? nahhh.

    but as for the PR theme, Ive decided that to be intune with the Zoids melee theme, were gonna go with a brawl gundam theme.do you have aim?
    question for you. if you can make a demotivational poster, would you be able to put peoples tags on a few pictures that I give you and make a themed PR.
    Keeping it on the UB North campus would be extremely convenient for me, since I'll be living there lol. I saw some pictures from the tournaments they had, & they had nice spacious rooms. That sounds like a good idea, Smashfests sound like they'd be a blast.

    I'll look into 12 Hertel Avenue, see if they have any pictures up. Thanks for the info.
    Haha nice. And thank you. I'll be looking forward to it.

    Just so I know - Do you know of any good venues around the city that can hold tournaments?
    Lol true enough. Yeah, that'd be cool man. Ness gets messed up bad on wi-fi in my experience so we should probably have the battle in person haha.
    My problem is this - I don't like the idea of playing super competitively, nor do I like extremely casual. I like something in the middle. Friendly competition, more or less. I only have a few friends who play Smash at all, and most of them aren't very good. Not to mention we don't play often anymore.

    If I stick with Smash, as in don't get bored of the idea of playing in tournaments, I'll try to help rebuild the Buffalo smash scene.
    Well, I can't say I expected people who play video games competitively to be the most cordial of people lol. Hopefully the group will be alright - I'd like to play Smash with people who really play.
    Sounds good, I'll be up late August but will be busy getting settled into college. Once it falls into a pattern & I know my lifestyle I'll be sure to hit you up, thanks. Hopefully the UB Smash club starts up again, that'd just be too convenient for me lol.
    Yeah man for sure, I'll be around. I'm guessing the UB Smash club would start back up in the fall when everyone gets back into school, so we'll see.

    Just tell me too if you know of any tournaments in the area, because if transportation doesn't suck, I'm there.
    Hey, I heard you're like the go-to Smash guy in Buffalo. I'm going to UB this fall & plan on getting involved in the Smash scene there. Nice to meet you man.
    i'm not really good i'm decent i guess^^
    but sorry mate i can't remember to have any melee vids of me(still possible though xD)
    Hes a bit better than neil, yes, but hes never seen a sonic in his life before so I knew Id beat him.
    I could have done better, but I ended up tying with a guy that people thought was the best sonic player.

    And I money matched and stomped the current best pikachu player.
    got it recorded to.
    just search goggles vs esam
    I got 49th out of 250
    San got 11th
    neil got one spot below me at 65th
    Sharky and acton got like 97th and 129th or something like that, one and two spots below Neil.
    *starts speaking in a German accent*


    *motions for you to sit on couch*

    *picks up notebook*

    Now tell me about your mother.
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