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The Sage of Shadow: Darklink

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  • Hey Darklink, there's this kid I know pretty well who live in AZ that has shown interest in joining the irl smash scene, so you should try and recruit him. He goes by brickbox, and he's really active on swf. He mains Falco and plays online a lot, but is a little nervous to join a scene with people he doesn't know yet or anything. I've done about all I can considering I live a state away, but I was hoping you could encourage him to join as well.

    The only problem he has ATM is that he's only 16-17 and would need his parents permission and such. They're not too overprotective from what I've heard, just they're a little concerned as he's never gone to 'hang out' with people he hasn't met before.

    He's a really cool kid and has pretty good skill for someone who taught himself everything he knows, and I'd love to see him get involved! We have this group of about 12 people here on swf who're really close and he's one of only a few who have yet to join their competetive scenes.

    Thanks for the help, and here's a link to his profile if you'd like: http://www.smashboards.com/member.php?u=161357
    hey chris i have a proposition for you on saturday - can i make some "special" microwave fudge at your casa? ill give you and everyone else that wants some a piece, so you can get baked at a later time :D
    Chris, my one and only true love! I hear you're going to our tourney this Saturday. You should PM me your number so I can house you another time and we can cuddle all night long again :)
    Also, who else is going? Please bring some melee***s if you can ;)
    hey at least bring as many wiis as you can there might be a series shortage of them, If we have to many wiis i'll get TVs some how :)
    i know for sure man we will. you did thats sick, perfect for when Super street fighter IV comes out lol. O ya I got Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom ill probably bring it with me next time im over there and ill bring it for sure when i go to another tournament.
    Whats good Darklink!?
    I know that we have never talked before, but I've been watching the AZ tournament results. You get 1st everytime! I hope to be @ your level sometime soon. What goes through your head while you play? How are you able to observe habits and quickly make good decisions to counter it?
    Biggest ones are on Dec. 19th, Jan. 23rd, undecided date in April, and June 5th.

    June 5th is gonna be the most attended, followed by probably the Dec. 19th one. The other two are eh size.
    Hey Darklink, you should totally team with me instead of DTL whenever you come down. :p

    I could post a resume, but our placing if we team will be proof enough :D

    That, and my 15 year old raggedy *** could use some holiday money.
    Hope you don't mind me posting a comment here, but it's just about me getting over to ya for that smash up.
    I'll be giving you a call after school today at about 2:36 or so. I didn't reply sooner because my internet was cut, and the site isn't blocked by the school...yet.

    Again, sorry for bothering you, and thanks.
    No joke. Team with me. I go Meta in teams, which at least last time ***** Zajice, as well as everyone else. It was Meno and I...who used PEACH...
    Team with me.
    Sinz lost your number, and he needs it later. Send him a text. We are on our way. We just stopped at the halfway.

    Hey, i remembered you said you work at the airport for southwest. My previous job ran out and i was wondering how you went about getting the job that you have.
    hey, i saw your post. your plane arrives around 8pm? thats PERFECT!!!!!! Call or text me when you know more. 409-692-0697
    Let me know when you would like to do your tryout. I was thinking tomorrow. If this is good for you just pm me your brawl friend code.
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