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  • You sir have a very large, unnecessarily and untruthfully sized pokemon related e-penis.

    I'm not sure how or why an Unmod would post something so arrogant. You should know better.

    Have a nice day.
    you live in rochester?
    i'm at a friend's for wednesday through friday, it'd be great to play someone in this time
    melee, that is.
    Yea something like up air vs up tilt is more of a style thing, so that's totally legit. Just thought I'd throw that out there. And yea, I understand in tourney things get hectic and you forget to do stuff you normally do. Happens to me all the time. I just figured I'd mention it in case you weren't aware of it cause it's too **** not to do. But yea, your Marth looks great man if you ever want to talk more Melee hit me up anytime.
    Sorry I couldn't stay to give you a ride back to rochester. I was late as it was. How should I contact you for coming to the apartment? I need the practice.

    Oh and a little trivia for you. Do the numbers mean anything to you?

    36 - 10 - 59 - 97
    You're the man, Jesse. Have fun playing with PP and look forward to playing you again whenever that happens to be.
    Caught me! =p

    Well don't feel compelled to write anything about me if you aren't ready or something haha, but I'd like to read it. =p
    Yeah, I'll definitely try to come out more often. Sucks that it can't be THAT often because I can't get a ride from Kid often. I'll need to save up for a car myself.
    Well, I seem to have this problem in Melee. It's like, I have very good techskill, and I know I do, but it seems like everytime I play people in Rochester, or people who I know may be better than me, I freeze up, and do stupid stuff, like try to sheild grab, when I want to shine out of shield, or usmash out of shield or something. I also tend to find myself confined to my shield a lot when I want to be out DDing or something and I know I can, I have good enough spacing, but it's like... Something is holding me back, like making my hands and mind freeze. Have you ever had this problem, although not quite to this extreme?
    Haha yea, l haven't reached the peak with all the top players league yet, but l still have aspiring hopes though (even with the immature brawl community lol) l play to learn and to get better is my mentality, l'm hoping it'll be like that even when l do beat top players (kinda like Cheese's position) So l'll definitely keep your post in mind =)
    Hai l saw your post about Cheese in tourney results thread. I just wanted to say it was semi inspiring believe it or not, because l can tell your experience speaks for itself and experience =EVERYTHINGGGG :]

    just wanted to throw that out =]
    Yeah, I know. I mean I'm 17 now, I should be able to go to Rochester and Syracuse of my own discretion. I'm going to try to make it more in the future. Even if it means going without my mom knowing, lol.
    Hey, I'm peacing out for home tomorrow morning. Have a great holiday, man! My gc's going to stay up at school but I'm going to try to get some practice in over the break and will hopefully be 10x better than when I left.
    I can confidently say I'm not the one that got everyone sick, but I was so F***ing close to ganking that Sephiroth Poster over your TV.lol Bad ***. It was the inspiration for my new avatar.
    hope you feel better.
    Hey man wish I could had bought Zomg Rob over, but he got clocked the night before haha. I do want to get a lot better in melee though and brawl too.
    Thanks! I've gotten mostly criticism from the anti-FF7 fanboys.

    Nanaki is win.
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