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  • you're welcome, anything for a bro. you're awesome yourself, it sucks that you couldn't stay for longer, I miss our short little smash sessions. thanks, good luck with school also. I'd love that.
    No problem. I have a lot of stuff to do and I'm mad rusty after not playing for a month. Let me know if you want to come up.
    I'm down in richmond now. I'm setting up my apartment. Do you know when you can come up?
    I want to be there within a week so I'll let you know when my plans are sure. I need to find a van to take down some furniture.
    I'll probably be in NOVA. I'm trying to get back to richmond by this weekend though.
    I have to leave early Saturday anyway, but I'll get back to you on Friday night(that sounds pretty sweet so expect a good response haha).

    As for Saturday night, I have found a place to stay, but thanks for the offer bro. Unless plans change and I need to go there again that night, then I'll be elsewhere then.
    well if you ride with ocean hes leaving at like, 8:15 but im more than sure youd be able to get a ride home from someone else.
    Hm, okay well we can definitely piss everyone off. I would gladly give you a ride but im riding with pp.

    Have you talked to ocean?
    So i was wondering if you found a team mate for this Saturday, i dont know how much you like double peach but i figured it would be something worth trying?

    If you havent found someone already that is :D
    Hey man just did a name search and saw that post in the Vanz thread.
    I'm still around (in WI now,) haven't played much recently but I've been very busy.

    I also don't get any time off of my new job for the first 6 months I'm here.
    I appreciate the post though, it's nice to know someone in the peach forums thinks I'm smart. XD
    Aw man that's sorry to hear =(

    Well if there's any wall you can make it it'd be cool to hang out again. If not, I'll see you at the next event! You're not done for the whole semester right??
    Yeah the community just bugs me sometimes, especially on a lot of the big issues. I've always been pretty interested and involved... but whatever.

    I can't really travel ever to play smash or chill because I have a really bad financial situation. If our community gets better and I can't break top 3 in events I have to stop travelling x.x
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