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  • Hey. It's Hdog. Remember me? I was the kid who played Robert in the Wintergames. Anyways, when is the next 64 tournament? I haven't been able to make the last few, everyone in my family had work. I didn't see a tournament for 64 on the schedule.
    Syracuse Smash Biweekly #50 will have N64, not yet announced, information coming soon :) It's going to be a special event celebrating the 50th biweekly!
    TSU | Hdog
    Okay! I'll be sure to be there! Hope I get a somewhat decent placing.
    TSU | Hdog
    But also, is there doubles? My sister and I want to be a doubles team.
    Yo I left my Wii pro controller there can you keep it till the next tourney if you can?
    Please post to the page ASAP, i left the venue without gathering any additional equipment
    Thoughtful Jack
    Thoughtful Jack
    Did you mean Facebook page? If so, I haven't been accepted to the group there
    Hey, you're in Baltimore until the 7th, right? My friend and I are in northern MD (Jarrettsville and Abingdon) and we might be heading to TheCrimsonBlur's Smashfest in Vienna, VA. He's hosting all week, so if you want a ride on one of the days we go just shoot me a PM and we'll probably be able to pick you up. We're not sure what days we are going though, and we might be spending one or several nights there. That's still up in the air, atm.
    Yeah should be good, frans gonna be in canada so i dont mind. I do charge 1 dollar venue for relay for life. so make sure you bring it!
    Yea. I have a feeling the next set of m2 combo videos will be different. mine, taj, iori and maybe vman idk. But hopefully they should all ****. somehow mewtation 4 is coming out probably soonest lol
    Aight, so I'm going to be in Lake George from the 18th - 25th. I'm sadly going to miss banks and thorn by a day, but whatever. We should still def meet up and get ****ed up. You're going to be there at this time right?
    Yeah definitely. I'll figure out the exact date of when I'm up there. Do you know when Banks and Thorn are going to be there? It would be insane if we were all there at the same time.
    Eh yo.

    So I'm going on vacation to Lake George in a few weeks with my family and chances are I will be horrendously bored. You're from that area right? We should play and smoke weed.
    Lol, I dont care what nobody says. Im not about to listen to some troll who says he has never even played the matchup.
    yo whats ur full name mana? i wanna know if u know a couple of my friends up in
    TheManaLord Yes up-B hurts pichu however that doesn't matter if he lives right? think I think sheik would prefer pichu's up-B over hers for the simple fact it would let her live. Pichu only has 2 real flaws when you break everything down and your a F*** tard if you disargee 1. his range simple enough tounderstand 2.he can't take hits. the self-damage doesn't matter to me, because if I use his fair I plan to land it and that 4% isn't a wate because it sets up a grab which equals 15% to a stock I thnk 4% is worth it and If you don't ever use his painful moves you have just taken away half his move set think of taking away all of these moves on fox he would also be unplayable.

    Pichu is bad, but he does however have the tools to win/do something. Unlike kirby/ness/bowser pichu can keep up with everyone in the cast and easily outspeed most people so he can totally deal with anyone rushing him or camping. He also has options, don't disargee because I can see how different some pichu players are.

    there were many errors on youtube, so yeah. But pichu is the most legit bottom tier because he can recovery, avoid attacks best, and keep up. those reasons alone should have pichu higher.

    EDIT I didn't label your comments as spam if you think I did that.
    Yo dude, hit me up sometime, we may have to setup a time maybe to get some matches in. Chance I might be able to make it to the next tourney, no guarantees though.
    I don't know. I'm aiming to not go to anything else this quarter (ends mid february), but come spring quarter, I'm taking a lighter course load, so I should be able to play a bit more
    If you're talking about Syracuse, I'm not going, sorry. I've gotta get my **** together back at school. Winter for the lose.
    well you'd know i'd be down dude and i definitally got alot of melee kids who would be down for a road trip and i hear you dude my favorite characters are captain falcon and kirby cuz kirby is mad cute :]

    i only use kirby in melee against jiggs (JIGGS IS SO GAY! crouch cancel everything captain falcon does >.>XD) then again i'm still learning so whatever :D but i will definitally let you know soon if i will be coming down
    d00d!!! thats frigging sick i'll pm you if i am definitally down to come and we can talk melee for hours ;]] XD

    i'm still learning MUs atm but definitally you can help me with that (i got 4 stocked by a luigi ;[[[[[!!! haha)
    and definitally meet the other new yorkers :D
    u guys always seemed mad chill anyway
    OMG! no way dude thats on the same date me, zucco, atomsk and inui are going to md/va for a tournament awee man!!!!!!

    If for some reason the md/va thing doesn't go down (so far its eh) i'll definitally come up is there housing :]?
    I play Everything equally definitally getting more into melee within the past 2-3 months very competitively (dude i beat sidefx at pound4!!!!!! i was mad pumped! ;3)

    I live in Montgomery, Ny if i remember correctly oswego is quite a trip but i'm definitally down with the local melee scene around here to come through do you remember the date?
    awesome! I got to see them live too over here in norway at a festival. me and my friend discussed whether they were gonna play atlantis to interzone or not... he was like " no they're never gonna do that", then they started with it...

    whole thing was nuts
    Syracuse is pretty far from here and this is the week after school starts for me, so I won't be making it.
    Happens to me all the time in NC thread lol so I know how you feel.

    And thanks! I will, and I'll be thinking of you when I'm in the NES n00b memorial tournament.
    I'm sorry to hear that, It's sobering, but I guess we all need to realize that we can't just play video games forever.
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