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  • Also, as a rule, telling somebody to "team with me" blatantly is kinda douchey...just a heads-up.
    I already pm'd him and he said he would do it, lol.

    Though I could use your help as well. I'm not very in-tuned with the melee scene so having both of you help would be fair.
    Yeah I'll probably want to get you to help out for brawl seeding and Beta for melee seeding if possible.

    I was going to talk to you guys about it sometime this week. But since you brought it up, yep.
    I may have to take you up on your offer to find me a ride... jtam says he won't know until Friday night. I haven't confirmed honeybadger yet, but Ben and I will go if we have a ride.

    Also will it be possible to cancel the ride once you have it set, incase jtam manages to get off work the night before?
    Are you Serious about Rusty? If so I can;t make it... Work.. But if you can tell him I said get well soon. I don't really know him more then a smasher but ... I just hope he's okay....
    Alright, my family and I are going out for a bit, so I'll probably be heading over anywhere from 1-4PM. I'll call you before I leave.

    Do you want me to bring anyone else if they're interested?
    Oh shoot, yeah I'll be coming over tomorrow, not today. I had a party to go to lol.

    For the interview, the questions are kind of weird actually. They're mainly about how you decide what products are sold in the store (I've never had that sort of job so I'm not really sure how much you learn about that kind of stuff). If you don't know the answers to some of the questions, that's fine too. I'm pretty my teacher will except "I don't know" as an answer. It shouldn't take more than 10min; there are only 8 questions.
    That would be great, I could really use some training. I'll bring others if they're interested. I'll call you when I can get over there. Are there any times tomorrow that would be bad?
    Yo, do we have a 'fest this week?

    Also, I want to know when/how I could interview you if there isn't a fest (just 'cause the paper's due in a few days, if you can't do it let me know). Thanks man, I think I can get a few people if there's a fest this week.
    any chance some upstate NY can come down to my tourney this weekend? i can help with housing
    Ya sorry, school's been nuts. Hope your moving stuff is working out. We'll certainly try to make it, I don't think anything else's going on.
    At the moment I'm not sure if we can make it. We're gonna try since we can't go the next two weeks, but I'll let you know as soon as I can. I'm not all that sure who we'd be bringing either :(
    Heck yes! O.M.R and I got so pumped after Apex. I honestly think he'd go down himself if I couldn't make it XD. I'll try to get some others, alright?

    Btw, thanks for consistently alerting me. I tend to be pretty forgetful lol
    Still working out some logistics, but it's looking like I can make it your place by 9pm on saturday and then leave whenever I wake up the next day if that's good.
    Dahrem can't make it, Frost and Banjo should both come with me. I'm not going to be able to make it for most of the tourney since a friend of mine is having a Grad. party at the same time. However, I'll be present for both Brawl Doubles and Singles. B-T-K is likely not coming since it's a Saturday, but I'll let you know if he can get the day off.
    Yeah, sorry I couldn't make it. To answer your other question, my step dads name is paul, my girlfriends name is nicole and my other friends name is kaitlyn.
    I might have left a cord at your house from When I was at your Smashfest Sunday. It's a black cable and on one end of it is a mini headphone jack. On the other end of it is a white and a red RCA male connector. They would fit into audio inputs on a tv. Can you check the room where we played if it's there or not? thx in advance. I think it's maybe 3 feet in length.
    Cura, mega lame news.

    My weekend got filled with crap w/o my knowledge, so I can't go the fest or the tourney. :/ Sorry I can't make it.
    Nearly a million% chance I'm going to the fest (that is, if it's at your house), not sure about the tournament, I'll really try though. Madly hyped!!!
    Nope, I'll be singin' and dancin' then XD

    I hope it doesn't completely knock me off the rankings...I don't even care if I'm last so long as I'm on.
    Nah, I can't. Frost and I have performances up until the 11th, so I can't make any Smashfests until after then.

    Let me know if you plan on having one next week. That other friend I mentioned wants to come.
    After the last smashfest I've been practicing my butt off, but I got the message a little too late '_' '

    Still, thanks for the invite! I'll be training for any smashfests that occur after April 10th!
    Sorry about not making the fest. Its gonna be a little unlikely for another few weeks that I'm gonna make a fest. Sorry :(
    I'm definitely coming, leaving right now actually lol.

    I can't make it to RIT though, I got something pretty important to do on the 10th.
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