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  • You can have your account perma banned, as you already know. Though complete deletion is possible, it's not something you'll be granted no matter how much you ask, because there's no reason for it. So really, the best you could do is get a requested perma ban
    For me, it's more for time and monetary issues. But yeah, I'd really like to see you here at manifest
    I sort of quit melee, yeah. I haven't played it seriously with anybody since like June. I was never planning to leave my state for the game, anyways, so we'd only play if you came here to Washington.

    The northwest manifest was pretty awesome, maybe if we have another one I'll see you there. If it does happen again, I'll more than likely go. Don't really have the dedication or income to go to me normal regionals though
    It really is good that you don't feel purposeless and that you're working hard. Keep at it! :D

    And if you keep working at smash, I'm sure you'll achieve a lot. Don't let yourself get bogged down with apathy like I did, it hinders your growth as a player and you just become sort of stagnant at a skill level. It's really a momentum based thing, you really have to stick with it and go all in because once you slow down, it's incredibly hard to discipline yourself back into working hard. I'm sure you know this already, but just a little bit of my experiences. But if smash 4 is any good, expect me to return! >_<
    The trick is to be more apathetic. About the game, and the boards!

    I'm doing fine. I'm been much more focused on other things especially since I now have the best girl ever in my life now. n_n So I'm spending as much time as I possibly can with her because there isn't anything I'd rather be doing.

    What have you been up to?
    Yeah, Mag is just omg wtf strong and it's like wooooow. But I get the annoying nature and the way he is with the first arc and Linear is like ugh, please go jump off the nearest cliff. xD

    Chain is annoying because I don't like how bratty/haughty she can be at times when she isn't nearly as good as Pepper.

    I hate Gre's moveset but I much prefer it than Chain's. I don't really like most support characters and love power hitters. But man, he dies so early.

    You've got me wanting to play this game now! xD
    Linear was always a close second for me because of the shy/quiet girl thing she has going and those are usually my favorite characters. Pepper just sealed the deal with how powerful she can get, like my goodness.

    Chain is a tad annoying for my tastes. I always preferred getting Butler(?) or Pepper to go on adventures with.
    Like I don't want to ruin anything, but it is possibly one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

    That's just my opinion. I have still yet to beat it to this day but I really really want to.

    My favorite was always Pepper. <3
    Soooooo much love for your avatar. I just got a burst of nostalgia because of it, so thank you for that.
    if u r offended, then its becausse i thought u were a blond white kid frum ur avattar, so maybe its time to change it to morpheus or ray charles or somthhnigg
    well .... i said nigg and i wasnt sure if u were ooffended since ...... u know ................... ur black and all
    Youre lucky to find people that want to play with you on LoL since I'm the opposite.

    Like when I finally got invited to a game I was banned out. :/

    Do you invite them or vice versa?

    Lastly you need to tell them to be more artistic with their wards if youre gonna lose then just throwing them around.
    It's not very fashionable or tidy. SO TELL THEM.
    Yeah I have no Peach mains in my state. Plenty have tried and failed though. haha

    I agree though. Whatever character is winning gets a lot of hate.
    Oh well, all the top character mains get it in some form honestly. Everyone hates Falco mains, Peach mains, Puff mains, Sheik mains, Marth mains, Fox mains. I mean, Falcon is really the most spared from this because the community has some weird fetish for him. :p But he definitely has his haters too. It doesn't bother me that much. I play to have fun, and I have the most fun with Peach, and whatever that entails doesn't matter. That's how I look at it anyways.

    Also, people just salty because they get wrecked. Peach is ridiculously hard to use. There's a reason Peach hasn't won nationals until a player of such skill came onto the scene.
    MN doesn't travel around much. We're in the middle of nowhere so people don't know much about us. People usually remember stuff like Aarosmashguy beating Scar at Genesis 1, but that's about it. That was before my time anyways though. :p
    RRR, the best Kirby main out there.

    He took Kels to last game, last hit a month or so ago. Kels went Fox/Sheik/Falco
    Yeah Ganons hate FD in general, and I think the Fox MU just emphasizes why they don't.

    We have an awesome Kirby main in my state so yeah...
    I think it's similar to why Ganon and Kirby mains hate FD against Fox. No platforms, but the stage is huge so he can run circles around you. The difference is that Peach can get a death grab.
    I understand that if Peach can grab Fox on FD, it can be a stock, but when a Fox is trying not to get grabbed on that stage, it's really hard.
    Your misplaced love for Link is none of my concern. You need to use Pikachu. He's awesome.
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