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    Your Pichu is good.

    I needed to give you feedback.
    I do still play. I don't main the little rat anymore, but he still makes his appearances from time to time.
    I'm way more technical and a lot faster with him now. And just a smarter player in general.
    I'll try to get some recent footage of the little guy recorded.
    Deleted member 189823
    Yeh, I want to see.
    I am the newest edition to the team. And to Melee, in general.
    It's alright, we all start somewhere :p
    hey, i just saw that you live/lived in bg/ me too. me and a buddy of mine who works at pollyeyeys with me have been trying to find more people to play with. hit me up if you are intersted
    yeah for sure dude, just let me know whenever you guys are smashing. Add "Derf Mid West" on facebook, thats the easiest way to contact me.

    If you're free tomorrow (friday) I'm probably gonna be trying to have a smash thing before Y-town throwdown on saturday
    Yo, would you want me to bring some of my friends to the tournament as well? They're pretty scrubby, (okay, they're really bad- two can L cancel and wavedash and stuff, but two are at that roll dodge and c-stick phase) but more people means more money for the winner right :p? I've got four friends interested in going.
    I went into a general program first back in college. "Business - General" then I switched to "Business Administration - Marketing". Maybe you should speak to your guidance counsellor or something for advice/help on this?

    Cool. ^^;
    Sounds good, thank you! :)

    Exams, I'm assuming? (You're in college/uni, right?)
    Maybe I should pop Melee back in one of these days for nostalgic purposes...

    Oh? Well it's very good! You still draw? Wanna draw one for me? :awesome:
    I stopped playing Smash back in '08. :p

    Btw, did you draw that avatar?
    Did you buy the new ones which don't have BC (backwards compatibility) in 'em or the older models?

    You pretty much have to do that in order to keep SOME interest in the console. Mine is modded but I never use it. =/
    Sorry for the delayed response, as you may see, I get quite the number of VMs every day and it usually takes me a few days to respond to all of 'em.

    How come you don't own a Wii? Everyone (including their grandmother) has one cause they're so cheap!

    Do you own any other consoles/handhelds? My older bro has a 3DS but I'm still waiting for the inevitable redesign...:(

    I hear ya, Melee is the best Smash game IMO. 64 is also good and Brawl is bad. :smirk:

    I wish I had the PS2...I wanna play the older MGS and GTA games...:(
    I really only played as him just to troll my friends. :smirk:

    Do you only own a Wii?
    Oh, my bad. I'm just happy to meet another person on the forums who plays Pichu in Melee. :tytypoo:

    Do you have a 360 btw?
    alright it's up :)

    most of the time we talk programming stuff, but other times there's just alot of chat,
    so anyone fits in. ;)

    I won't be on for a while...
    but I should be on some time today :)
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