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  • nope you don't remember me? didnt we kind a talked at apex?> but i wanted to play you haha but i just didnt ask you looked pretty busy haha.
    Yeah, once I actually noticed the chat box I was kinda like, "Oh... yeah... that's prolly what's going on here..."

    I DO want to get involved and stuff. Because seriously, Melee. So come Thursday evening or so I'll start blabbing away.
    Well see the chat box I'd just sort of... not noticed until recently. >.> I was talking about the forums themselves when I mentioned the dead-ness. And I don't mean to imply anything about you all being unwelcoming, I more just meant I'm kinda awkward and everyone else is already friends so I'm like "oh, can't touch that stuff, dude." Anxiety ftw
    Yyyup! It's just very dead and everybody on it seems kinda tight-knit already so it seems all hard-like to break in and stuff. But I went in the chat just the other day and will probably go ahead and make a post in the "New People" section at some point this week after big blustery exams of death have come and gone. Probably shouldn't be on Smashboards right now, buttttttttttttttt y'knowwwwwwww

    Much appreciated. *salutes* Hope TBH2 and Wisconsin were magical wonderful experiences full of various positive nouns and adjectives! :D
    No training partners over the summerrrrrr.... T_T

    I mean...

    It's funny, cause once you start winning, you get more hate, but you care less and less the more you win. It's a funky paradox that says to me, "ShroudedOne, you stink at Melee. Get better."

    I think it's based on who the characters are that are winning. Falco, Peach, Puff get it outrageously right now because they're winning. Like, I don't hear that much Fox, Sheik, Marth hate anymore. DEFINITELY not any Falcon hate (I don't even mind him anymore). And that's fine. I play primarily to have fun, myself.

    But I don't know if I can have fun when people spend half the time talking about how my character is so stupid, and that it doesn't matter if you win, cause it's Peach. I guess I need thicker skin, and more Peach mains close by.
    Thinking really hard about becoming a Marth or Fox main, and locking my Peach away. Which sucks, cause I like her, but this community sucks even more.

    Be warned. Some day this all-encompassing advice that works in every situation and MU under all circumstances will be your downfall.
    I will admit, had you not been in the Peach boards, I wouldn't have the slightest connection to anything MN. I've sort of heard of Aarosmashguy, but it's only the name I've seen around. I know nothing of his accomplishments (until now).
    Oh wow. That is impressive. You would think I would've heard about it, but then again, it's Kirby. Props to him.
    But Ganons don't really like FD in general, do they? No platforms = no movement. I don't know anything about Kirby. :p
    You would think that the lack of platforms would make it easier to corner him, but they don't, and I don't know why. Also, waveshines hurt...
    I knowwwwwww. I need to just walk over at one of these things and be like "u me nao on that setup" to you and TripleR and like three other people. :p

    Problem: I'm home for the summer. Home being six hours north of Minneapolis. Should probably change my location to reflect this. I'll keep an eye on summer events though to try and plan any trip to the Twin Cities area or wherever accordingly.

    Thanks for the message though. I'm super tired and have approximately no idea of how to word this without it sounding vaguely weird, but it's nice to know that there are people in the MN community that are interested in having more people within said community.
    I wouldn't say that. You'd just need to dispatch of me quietly. Or step up your game. I like the first option.
    I'm trying to stop, I promise. Lol. But whatever happened to you catching up? (besides having a life, obviously)
    Impressive man, I'm glad to hear that you're doing well! I haven't gotten the chance to go to tournaments until last Saturday, so I'm not sure how I would do at a larger scene haha.
    Not really, I only did well in P:M haha. I lost to TGD and ORLY and didn't beat anyone notable >.>.
    Whenever I make critiques in the Peach thread, I kind of feel like I'm out of line, or shouldn't be. And I rarely get feedback as to whether or not what I'm saying is valid at all. Am I just over-thinking, or should I halt on them? I mean, I give out advice that I know, and am fairly certain of, but....
    Yeah, same here. I think there's one Puff, but I haven't yet gotten to play him. I wish I'd known how good DoH was at the MU, I would have pestered him at Apex.
    Not a Puff slayer yet, but that's because Puffs don't really exist. :(

    Yeah, we'll definitely have to completely change how we think about Peach in order to beat Puff, but I'm not yet convinced that it's impossible.
    I am very excited. It's my favorite cartoon show ever, and I've already fallen in love with the leaked episode. :)
    Yeah, me neither. I guess it's his playstyle that bothers people, but I don't understand why you have to talk down on him like that just because of how he wants to play the game. I also don't see anything wrong with his style...
    lol, nah, i must admit that it's pretty interesting looking into the minds of a group of gay guys. i only have 1 close friend IRL who is openly gay
    Atlas Shrugged is very good, though a bit wordy imo. Other than that, I don't have a bad word against it. I should actually read the Fountainhead, next...

    And Shrugged has a lot of characters that are very good at getting emotions and reactions out of you, which I like a lot. They are are quite dynamic.
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