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Fortress | Sveet
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  • Hi, my name is Tyler Arnhold and I'm a student at DePaul University in Chicago. Currently I am in an Online Communities course in which we choose to research this site. I am IRB certified to legally perform the required interviews. ALL information in the interview will be kept private. No personal information will be reported. If you could help me get an interview with anyone, I would VERY much appreciate it!
    Fortress | Sveet
    Fortress | Sveet
    Well there is a tournament at EXP Gaming today. Many well known people in the community will be there, and I'm sure people will be happy to answer your questions. If you are in the Chicago-Land Melee facebook group, that might be a good place to ask as well.
    I heard about that. It's a bit of a long trip, all the way from the Loop to the end of the green line and a bus ride. But I'll see if I can make it.
    Also, if you'd like to participate that'd help me too :p
    Hey Sveet, I was wondering if you were able to mentor me. I;m sure you have a bunch of people requesting, so if you aren't able to, then it's fine. Please respond as soon as possible.
    I'm asking these questions because I really love Smash Bros. (especially Melee), so one day I'd like to become very involved in the smash community and make a difference, even if it means that I have to end up being a commentator. That's why I made my account in the first place.
    Hello Sveet! I'm new here, so I don't really know how things work on Smashboards. That is why I have to ask you, if I ever have an overwhelming urge to become an admin or moderator on this website, is it possible for someone like me? And if so, how would I go about doing so?
    Yo. I'm an NIU student (no summer classes, just working this summer) living in Dekalb. I work 9-5 Mon-Fri, so I'm free any time after 5pm. Most days consist of grilling and Melee once I get off work. Lemme know if and when you wanna play.
    Hi I'm interested in the melee mentoring and was wondering how exactly it works? I understand it for the most part but how would you view my progress without wifi like on brawl? sorry to bother you with such a question but I would appreciate knowing just how it works for melee
    Fortress | Sveet
    Fortress | Sveet
    I give tips and critique your vids. I've helped a lot of players over the years, so if you have any questions at all, lmk
    alright thank you and I know this is off the main topic of my question but how would I go about making these videos?
    Fortress | Sveet
    Fortress | Sveet
    Check the videography section
    So I FINALLY found a 5th dude for the team. Hopefully you have not joined a new team yet lol. What roles do you play best?
    Cool. I'm gonna ask a few more people. I'll keep you updated. Hopefully we get some games in by this weekend
    No problem! And thats pretty cool. I'm thinking of starting an amateur team btw soon. Interested?
    The only way to check the MMR pool is to click on the "Watch" tab, then click on "Recent games" and then "Filter". Search for yourself and change the "Skill Level" box. Your last game will tell you your MMR.
    lol just go to dotabuff and type in your own name(or the name of someone else). It'll give you all their stats
    You can find anything about anyone on dotabuff.com
    I'm at 491 matches. So it seems like you have quite a bit more experience than me lol. Are you in high MMR yet?
    Well to be fair, there were plenty of times I left my computer on idle with DoTA 2 up. For a more accurate representation of my playtime, look at my wins/loses number lol.
    Sweet. I'll add you later.
    Mine is zeitkuppler. I'm currently using the name Katsuni though.
    Ah okay, thanks!

    Thanks for those sentences btw! I'll try to impress some girls on my college campus with those lines. I'll let you know how that works out for me! :smirk:

    And for you, not me. Whenever I start dying a lot/doing other stupid **** in video games, I often play worse due to the constant rage building up in me and 99.99% of the time it ends up with my rage quitting, turning off the computer/video game console and storming off and cursing a storm. :mad:
    No, I graduated back in April of '11 from my Marketing program, I then took a year off but I'm going back to school in the Fall for the Advertising program. How bout you? You still in school? If so, how long is your program?

    And where are those couple of lines in German which you promised to teach me?!?!?!?!? :mad:

    Not me, whenever I play Super Meat Boy, I tend to curse a lot and then due to the rage, I often play worse which often ends up to 10x more deaths... ;-;

    How many are in total? I remember on my first play through, I unlocked this weird batman-like cape dude who had some weird fetish of sorts...too bad Steam deleted that save file so I had to start over. :mad:
    How many of the bandages do you have btw? I only have a few but that's cause I only plan on beating the game and none of the extra stuff...my sanity is at stake, damnit!!! :mad: (And 4 hours!?!?!? How angry did you get?)

    Go on...

    Marketing, going into Advertising in the Fall, why?
    That actually sounds both interesting and useful in real life! (Why couldn't my college offer classes like that?!??!?!?) :mad:

    Damn, that's almost 2x the amount of my program. (Mine is a bit over 3k for each year but I'm only staying for the 2 year program, can't really afford the 3 year program...) :c

    IMO, college/university are scams in general because do you really feel like you've learned 6k worth of knowledge? Me? I DEF do not! (And just to clarify, you're fluent in German? If so, can you teach me some lines, pl0x? :tytypoo:)

    The only secondary language my high school offered was French but that's because everyone is forced to get at least one French credit...:mad: (It's a good thing I already knew French from living in Montreal for the first 10 years of my life!) :awesome:

    I'm currently on World 5 - Rapture and it's pretty annoying with those light thingies which mess up with your movement/jumps. :mad:

    And nah man, do you still have it? If so, could you link me to it? :tytypoo:

    And don't get me wrong, I...enjoy the game but it has a tendency to break my balls into a million pieces with it's cruel levels and random BS. :mad: :mad: :mad:
    I don't think so. And the only bad thing about having my birthday that late in December is that it's a few days after Xmas so I only get one set of gifts. :laugh: :urg:

    I'm assuming your program is expensive because it has to do with computers?

    Haha, good **** man. It's people like use who follow the "Work smarter, not harder" advice. :awesome: (And you took German in HS??? I wish my HS offered classes like that...) :c And you're a timid guy? Huh, didn't think you were...what's "Logic" btw?

    Thanks! I'll be sure to swing by your workplace the next time I'm in...IL (Never been there before...) And I thought so...at least it's offered, no? Same when it comes to drugs and dentist appointments thanks to my dad's work. :awesome:


    I'm currently in "World 4 - Hell" and yes, the game is still breaking my balls on a daily basis. :mad: (Kid? All I wanna do is beat the game but I'm sure as hell not going for the extra stuff...)
    (I'll reply to your other VM later)

    They should rename "Super Meat Boy" to "Super Break My Balls Boy" IMO.
    Are you good when it comes to graphics and stuff like that? If so, mind making me an avatar and sig? :tytypoo: (And I agree, your current avatar DOES like pri cool.)

    What does "NIU" stand for? And what are they well known for? And I agree with you there, I was never a big fan of homework or any of that ****. I remember back in middle school, when I was given math homework to complete by the next day, I'd only do the odd questions. :smirk: (And homework rarely counted for marks in my college.) :O

    And that's cool, did I tell you that I'm going back to school in the fall? (If so, sorry...my memory kinda sucks...) :(

    lol that's fine, IIRC, the character limit for VMs is pretty good. I wish they'd remove the silly search/post time restrictions for unmods tho BUT OH WELL.

    That's cool, if I'm ever in IL in the future, will you give me free drinks? :awesome: (And you guys get health insurance??? That's awesome!!! You should just move to Canada IMO since it's all free over here!) :awesome:

    Nah, the 28th. Close enough tho, no?

    PS: Super Meat Boy breaks my ****ing balls.
    I see. Did you make it yourself or did someone else?

    That's pretty good IMO, which university do you attend and for what? And how long is your program? And I was never really a high achiever till I got into college cause that's when, you know, grades matter the most. ;) (High school = daycare for teenagers)

    Oh? How did you get hired there? How long have you been working at Starbucks? What kind of benefits do you get? (Sorry for asking you so many questions lol.) :p

    And I'm basically looking for any part or full time summer employment in my town. I'm hopeful. :)

    And did you know that you're only 6 months younger than me? :O
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