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  • I'm probably going to team with you btw just need to check w/ Rocky. Fox/Peach or Sheik/Peach?
    i think so. i played a lot yesterday so i'm not sure. i just remember that he went falcon and CP'ed me to rainbow cruise in the last match :awesome:
    yeah, i used fox in the last match though. there might be vids on youtube later
    Yes. Yes it is, Wake. It'll probably be Colette soon enough, but I like ponies. I hope this doesn't mean we can't still be friends. :(
    Yeah its really crazy to see the metagame swing like it has. Its not even the balance patch as much as protoss players learning to play better. Kinda feels like m2k in 2007, pushing that marth meta so far everyone thought marth was the best char. Now everyone else is catching up and Terran isn't as dominating.
    Too bad huk is the only foreigner left. Naniwa lost to FXO_Lucky last week, which is sad. On the plus side the MLG top 8 was only 1 terran lol
    I thought naniwa was gonna win and was rooting for him as a protoss, but ive been a leenock fan since the open GSL seasons so im glad to see him finally doing great things.
    No. All the playing I do is in western New York, right now. It's where I go to college. I wanted to play games with Vanz this summer, but was super busy...
    When you say my area, I assume you mean Ohio? To be honest, I'm not sure. I didn't get into smash until competitively until coming to college...
    Well, don't thank me! Thank yourself! I think I've decided to start practicing faster movement with her again, because of that. No joke. I haven't been feeling like practicing lately, just playing matches, and forgot how important it was. So thanks, I think.

    Well gosh, Wake. No need to be so harsh about it. :( But SillyOne is an excellent idea. I support that.
    :D That's right. 1000th posts are special things. I forgot. But I like that. SillyOne. Perhaps that should be my tag.
    Well, I thought that you might see it that way, Wake. But you're absolutely correct. I am trying to out do you in ever way. Soon, I'll have john! in the palm of my hands (I haven't yet decided how I'm going to do this, though).
    This website is very addicting for someone who likes talking/discussing things (like me). I looked at my post count today and said, "How in the heck did I get here?" I don't even think that I do it excessively but...wow...
    No, it's just that you know when posts are appropriate and when they aren't. I don't have that kind of filter. But that really does shock me, I don't think I post THAT often. But maybe I do.
    It certainly occurred to me before, but your post reminded me that I post too much. Restraint, ShroudedOne needs to learn. =)
    I'm hoping to get into commentary for RoM, Apex seems unlikely, but I'd be excited if I could. Apex is going to be my farewell tournament, so moreso want to hangout with everyone for one last time.
    Yeah i saw the finals, they were pretty cool. I didnt sleep last night tho, so i passed out and missed all of DRG's games today :(

    another T dominated tourney :(
    I mean I DOO work in a coffee shop and i have a stash of 5 hour energy that i need a use for... and theres gonna be non-stop MLG sc2 until then too...
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