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  • Ok, so our school has made a melee smash club and there's this one guy that mains this Luigi on the leaderboard. He's one spot above me, and I can't seem to beat him. He wavedashes the hell out of me, and I'm not that tech savvy yet. Thoughts on how to beat him? Sheik main here.
    F-Tilt. Down Throw. Shield Grab,,,
    As someone who sort-of mained luigi for a short time, the luigi's probably gonna try to wavedash d-smash or f-tilt. I don't really know what you can do to beat that as sheik, sorry I can't be of more help. His d-smash is safe in shield, so maybe like SH Fairs? I don't really know.
    Did I just play you in Smash Wii U For Glory?

    I was the purple Link, you were the amazing Marth.

    I sent you a friend request on Wii U.
    I don't play Smash Wii U.
    Ah, okay.

    I now have zero leads about who that person was, but they were amazing, and I thought of you from my destruction.
    you should stop breaking the hearts of your fans everywhere and go to evo.
    or i could not go to evo

    or you could just go and take the championship

    the only person you lose to is yourself

    and i'm pretty sure you know how to beat yourself.
    I'll miss your super posts of amazing. :(

    I hope you don't quit smash because of this either, but that's ultimately up to you. I will try to keep in touch through AIM (unless you don't want me to). Good luck, David.
    here's hoping, i do like your sheik quite a bit

    just be careful not to run into any ICs first :smirk:
    Excellent as always.

    I'm re-picking up Melee soon so IMs will be sent your way in the near future. I can't stand the fact that Peach wins in my state, lmao
    go to the main P:M thread to answer DMG's questions please <3

    i mean i brought it up there in the interest of highlighting your concerns but I don't understand it to quite the same level as you do
    I can't believe you still have that as your profile picture LOL

    How have you been Dave?
    how would you feel making Power shielding slightly easier would affect the metagame? we're thinking about making PSing easier in SD: remix but the thing is, its a global mechanic. so If I make it so that bowser can PS sometimes, it makes sheik's ability better too.
    Hello there. I'm a fellow Ontario Smasher, but I live in Sudbury. I'm kinda looking for advice since I really want to get into the competitive scene soon. I would like to ask your opinion on a few things on top-tier play, and I'd like to ask a few MU questions. I'm not sure if you have the time at all, but it'd be appreciated if you could help me out a bit with a few key Melee questions :)
    Okay so I do have frame data I guess and you always have frame advantage still.

    at 0% you have a 16 frame advatage for fox teching in place before a shine can come out

    at 35% you have about a 24 frame advantage.

    and it keeps going up more often faster since KBG is high.
    hey KK, I';ve been working with vietgeek and I reprogrammed sheik's CG so that it can't CG any normal character until around 30-40% and only for about 3-4 grabs and then all standard follow ups are possible. However, She can now CG the spacies at 130-140 into a follow up.

    also, I believe below 10% if they tech in place, the spacies can shine her before she can move.

    what is your initial opinion of this?
    Do not worry, I am well aware that Sheik without a CG still decimates characters and dreams. The information you parted is truly invaluable.

    That said, I'm convinced that the PAL Dthrow is not an option to consider. However, what options do you consider most important off a Dthrow? Or is the ambiguity the strongest asset? I strongly feel more of your expertise is required to guide me in re-imagining this move.
    KirbyKaze, as a Sheik main, tell me how PAL dthrow would affect her match-up ratios with the "viable characters."

    As you may or may not know, I am the preliminary developer of the wip Melee "balance patch" SD Remix. At first there were no plans to change the top echelon at all. However, Sheik stands out as the bane of most of the lower portion of the cast, with the chainthrow being overkill.

    Of course, when one is tweaking a game that has had established strategies for over a decade, topics like this become difficult to discuss, and it leads to other questions regarding similar problems (such as Ganondorf's dthrow), and players will undoubtedly ask, for the sake of consistency, where one draws the line from one chaingrab to the next? What sets one apart from another when considering removal? Is it simply the characters it affects? Is it the character that possesses it?

    I am not sure if you are interested in discussing the intricacies of this topic, but I do earnestly wish to hear your opinions on the subject even if you have no taste for a fanmade game hack.

    Thank you for your time.

    obv :012:
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