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    Ruleset Changes V1.3

    Yes, yes, and yes. More specifically: Don't Collude: Mutual is an important qualifier, but beyond that "don't collude" is pretty common sense. It's against the spirit of competition, etc. Grab & Go Clause: We assign players to controllers and they have a finite amount of shared stocks based...
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)
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    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    A0, A2b (ESE,WSW), A3, B4LR, B5LR, B6LR80, C=Smash Black.
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    Are Shiek mains repressed?

    It's easy to coast with Sheik at mid-low levels because her basics are strong. Most of the community is mid-low level. Thus most of the community does not like Sheik. Her neutral game is hilariously underdeveloped and misunderstood, so getting to higher levels with her tends to be tough. But...
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    I don't play Smash Wii U.

    I don't play Smash Wii U.
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    Yes. Unless they're at like 19%+ and you'll put them offstage. Otherwise avoid like the plague. There are some tricks with it involving tech window abuse but they are merely tricks and don't work out as well as simply grabbing the spacey over and over again in practice.
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    L-Cancelling Practice

    Imo the drillshine method is the best cuz you have consecutive hits to reference
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    L-Cancelling Practice
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    Let's make a deal ;)

    Let's make a deal ;)
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    SSBM Movement Drills

    I was going for music practice. :) I'm not personally good at pivots but to my understanding a pivot is just dash-turn -- normally dash dancing works by dash-turn-dash (since you can dash on the first frame of turn) but in a pivot you're cutting out the second dash. So I'd try to base how I'm...
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    SSBM Movement Drills

    I'll add that later today.
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    SSBM Movement Drills

    The idea behind this article is directly the result of a conversation between Cactuar and myself at ROM7. While cavorting around outside the venue, Cactuar mentioned to me that he'd been working on a new movement drill. Intrigued, I asked him to share the details with me over FBchat after the...
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    What is Sheik's weakness?

    - Being above people - Being forced to recover onstage with up-B - Her attacks are kind of weak & easy to crouch cancel into high percents - Her attacks that aren't SH fair / low nair / spaced bair are kind of meh vs shield
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    Help vs. IC

    D-tilt Do your aerials low in your jump
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Ah, the Sheik fair --> shield strat but with Fox.
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