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  • I just asked to be part of the Smash Debaters and I was let in. I want to participate in some arguments in the debate hall. Especially the theological ones.

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    I dunno. It depends on whether Prac and his motley crew of TOs gets their **** together. There's still lack of a solid date yet.

    Smooth Criminal
    One of my favorite writing assignments in High School was kind of like this, only it had to do with Beowulf. Our teacher gave us three choices: We could sum up the story of Beowulf in a college-style essay, do a research paper on the possible origins of the story, or we could retell the story from a particular character's perspective (kinda like the book "Grendel." I can't remember the author though, but look around for it. It's a fun read). I picked the last of the three options and opted to write from the perspective of a character.

    My teacher wasn't too terribly surprised when the majority of the class picked the third option; it was the most fun, after all. She was pleasantly surprised, however, when she found that I wrote from the perspective of the Dragon that Beowulf faced at the end of the poem. I ad-libbed a history for the Dragon, talking about how the humans had wronged HIM by ****** his land and taking what was not rightfully theirs. I'm not greenpeace or anything, but I like writing about **** that has a god-complex. Which was what the work was about, when you get down to it: It wasn't manifest destiny that motivated those people to dig and dig into the Dragon's land, it was simply a desire to survive and live. I wish I had a transcript to send you.

    I did so well that I got an A on the project and a buttload of extra credit. I was proud.

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    Wow. Believe it or not, that actually sounds that would be one of those few essays that sounds fun to write. I've read some stuff by Wells (including the Time Machine); can't say I've read any of Zamtayin's works. I'll have to look him up.


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    Sounds like tons of fun *insert dripping sarcasm here.* I always hated essays. What are you writing yours on, if you don't mind my asking?

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    Yeah, and the best part is, it ****ing passed. GG California, way to show how much you hate ***s. Im moving to Canada.
    Vote YES on Prop 8, otherwise nearly ALL California Schools will teach children about same sex marriage. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!


    I say it because not because I think Mango would need a secondary but because he hasn't been taking Melee hugely seriously recently. In a SoCal tourney not too long ago he went all Falcon and won even against Zhu in the finals. Kid is too good. Also he fails for never making it to a tourney not in SoCal.
    He probably would have went Falcon or Falco against him XD

    Also, I don't know what your avatar is, but I like it.
    I want to practice right now but its 40 degrees out and I have my windows open so I cant do **** with my fingers(Cold hand johns are legit johns)

    Event 52 was gay cus Mango didn't go and win.
    Note the irony of a Kirby player talking about scrubs and their favorite characters :laugh:

    I just worked two jobs in one day for 13 hours straight. It was still more fun than barlw.
    Hey at least you didn't waste your time going to E4All like I did T.T

    I don't even see a problem with Meta Knight being as good as he is, it just seems like the new community is made up of nothing but little scrubs who cry when they can't win with their favorite character. Most other fighters that have a tournament scene are played with almost nothing but High tier characters and if you look at MvC ONLY top tier characters are played in tourney. People don't understand that there's a difference between playing in a tournament to win and playing for fun. Honestly, if I ever actually wanted to win a Melee tourney my first move would be to learn Sheik/Falco(I can't seem to play Fox or Marth :()
    Im waiting for the SBR to ban Meta Knight so that they can willingly admit that after only 7(6?) months out Brawl has reached its peak and is so retardedly broken they need to ban a character.

    Also, I want a Dash Dance/Smaller Character Model hack T.T
    Srsly, I thinke we need to Ban Fawks and Marf. They're just tooooooo good, they make the game not fun. And by Fawks and Marf, I mean Meta Knight. And by Meta Knight, I mean Brawl Sucks.
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