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  • If I do go I could probably get you on the way. Though I might not be there for the friday or something.
    You going to GUTS tourney? Pretty much all fighting games. Also what's up? Think I lost your number.
    A swirling wonderland of sparkling, white pleasure. Let it fill your senses with cascading fluffy pillows of comfort and excitement as you have never felt before.
    Unmod? Noooo.

    Edit: and nice phoenix vid. I didn't know DP could kill people with her standard combos, but that's probably because I always see her with some lvl 2 or 3 X-Fact going on. You did show that Jean can get it in.
    Almost done my 2nd play through in ME2, then I have one more DLC pack to do in that game.

    Still looking for work. How'd you get your job? Friends? Family?
    I have tried it out with my friends PSP, it's interesting. I like the remixes of music, the redesign of some facts of the stages like the light Capsules, Sigma fortress remake, Vile mode, Voice Acting.

    Those things really stuck out to me, the controls are a bit different from the original and the passing of battle is different but I like it as a remake, it's does good justice to the original.
    Heard and heeded. I finally nutted up and put him on ignore.

    Didn't mean to antagonize, Serris, but he's been doing that crap for a while now.
    How you judge if someone's OLD or not.

    I pretty much call everyone old so \o_o/
    Great, now that you've said that, he's decided to delay episode 3 for an additional 10 years.

    "No network connection could be made to the Steam servers. Steam will automatically retry connection until the service becomes available."

    No generally one looks their age.

    I know a guy like that too, but he's Japanese so it doesn't count because he's not gay and the azns don't age.
    Trust me, they age.

    Oh God they age.

    And they look at me all funny, with their damaged, feeble eyes...

    Invest in youth.
    Let's just hope you avoid the wrinkles and grey hair.

    I still look like 15 life's good.
    I'd really prefer it if you could make it down to my place and we could leave from there, but I guess I could pick you up if need be.

    I don't know where I'm staying housing wise. Probably with some friends from Long Island in a hotel somewhere, Hyatt's expensive haha. You could probably stay with us if that's where I end up staying, just chip in your share for housing. But it'd be all Melee players, I don't know how you feel about that haha.
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