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  • Hey could you help me out sometime? I got all my codes converted to .gct but I don't know where to put them/how to activate them. I think the instructions you gave me might have been for Neogamma? I'm using Devolution.
    oh so there is no way to decompile it :(.

    granted its probably illegal anyways haha.

    Thanks anyway
    yo, what language is the melee scripting that you work with in. Im a programmer and I thought that i could start hacking melee myself

    or is it un decompilable
    Sorry for the belated response, I've been kind of busy, but yes, I do play in a hacked Wii and on a textured Melee disc. I can help if you like =)
    Drama threads attract my attention. DR is dead as ****, I hardly post there, it's just a new mafia game started there, but otherwise nothing. If you're lucky there are 2 new threads per week.

    Ah well you're not really missing much anyway, DR has been eh since forever.
    Man I haven't seen you around in forever!

    Nice to see that you're still doing your trademark

    obv :012:
    Hey, sorry for the late response, I've been busy.

    I've been thinking about the whole melee hacking business; the SD remix, and my own project. The SD remix has been getting alot of publicity, which is great. ButI feel as if before anything became official, if a group of us had hypothetically gotten together to be able to compare our own projects in person it'd be different. What looks good in my version, what looks good in your version, etc. It's easier to assimilate ideas into one in the beginning, rather than after you've undertaken the project on your own and taken it a certain direction.

    It's funny because I basically volunteered myself to join you guys, but I have too much pride to leave my own project. Frankly, because of that, I want to keep my own project unique.
    If I remember correctly, the one right before it is read when he's grabbing you. No idea what that one does. I'm not sure if that one is read by other characters as well. The 0x9 after is not read during his f/bthrow.
    So its still not possible to change animations right? Because if kirby's final cutter only went up that would be awesome lol
    Not sure if want.....

    Bthrow suicide is so good for kirby, but a legit CG is probably better. Swallowcide still exists i guess. Also Uthrow Suicide, but it's harder to set up >.>

    Well if Uthrow is usable now you should see about making it useful. An altered trajectory to be more inwards towards kirby could give him the ability to link a Uair like Brawl kirby. It's technically already possible on spacies @ certain %s but only if they dont DI lol

    Alternatively, 100x knockback. Kill at 0%
    didn't even notice the first VM, lol. I'm back home already actually. I'm very busy this week before FC because I have to work overtime in order to compensate the time I'll be gone because of FC. ;-;
    wow I just noticed you have a slight white outline on your avatar

    it bugs me that I'm not good enough with an image editor to fix it for you :x
    I'm afraid not. I thought about it, but I was too dayumed lazy to try it. :b

    As for the BG of the stage... it's not a full 256 colors. Have you hexed _9 indexed textures with less than 256 colors before this one? Requires some subtracting with a hex program capable of subtracting... like Hex Workshop, or something.
    use Falcon/ganon's side-b on Green greens in the middle of the stage. its awesome
    Yeah, I'm still interested, but have been a bit busy... and I've been spending a lot of my free time playing SD Remix with Ripple :)

    I've just about got everything set up and figured I would get that done the next day I have off work :)
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