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  • I'm on both aim and skype. I'm on aim almost all the time. Skype, not so much. Both usernames are on my contact info page on swf.
    Ahh, funny you should bring up the Bowser example. When I was watching the stream, I can see the character is definitely better, but something didn't feel complete about him.

    The Bowser I've been working on feels more like Project M Bowser than his melee counterpart. He is very slightly faster (1 frame faster jump, 1-4 frames less lag on aerials and a couple attacks), as I wanted to keep the character true to his style. The main differences is are that I chose to make him 15% bigger, with his hitboxes scaled up, slightly heavier with a better recovery, and more power as well. And also a few more subtle things like increasing the duration the hitbox is active on a move or two. Recently, I gave him a pseudo superarmor on a few of his attacks and jump; that is a couple frames of invulnerability like Yoshi's parry. I haven't tested this change against actual players but I feel it would be appropriate and keep him true to his slow, tankish character.

    One aspect I don't think people have experimented with is animation swapping. You can do some interesting things to a characters move set and I've done this for several poor moves on certain characters.

    For float data, I have a lot of data gathered but it's incomplete. I am pretty lazy with it. I don't usually complete all the floats for each character (there are alot more than meets the eye), but just look for the ones for something I want to change (ie side B), so I don't usually delve into the floats unless I actually want to change them.

    Do you update the floats on the wiki at all? I can share what I have that isn't on there if you'd like.
    Hey VietGeek, how is the progress going on your balance patch? I noticed your thread on searching for people to test with and if you are trying to make this something official, I am feeling more inclined to help. Part of me wants to continue fine tuning my own project, but at the same time I also don't want to see a dozen independent 'balanced' versions of melee and everyone playing a different one. I am guessing it is only you and Ripple developing, but I am wondering how you go about doing so. Are you both working equally in unison or only one of you doing the actual changes to the code while you both give each other feedback. I was watching the stream that _Novi hosted and I feel as if I can contribute much to this project. Just let me know
    crash has been fixed. and sheik is now SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more balanced.
    she can only CG bowser but she still gets follow ups into fair on the floaties
    I got V-man on board. we just need to record some videos and give them to him.
    hey, can you walk me through setting this up on skype? something isn't working correctly
    ok dude, I got my wii today so I should be able to test things out within the next few days
    1. also, why are you changing the Z-offsets on some moves?

    2. what's SDMG?

    3. and can you tell me what the numbered attacks are. I know what the smashes and aerials are but not normals

    4. flubspot? =sourspot?

    5. how much of a difference are you making the x offsets? I don't know the standards for measuring so 1400 seems like really far
    man, if I had any idea you could mess with IASA frames, I'd have given you a lot more on DK but its good to know you saw somethings that were needed.

    also, can you mess with the formula for DK's side-b that plants them into the ground?

    its something like .7x+99-8t=z

    x is there damage and t is number of inputs.

    if you could change that initial x to something like 1.0 or 1.1, that'd be awesome
    Not yet. Been busy, ill be busy today also but ill try to get on that tomorrow
    I personally didn't really like Abyss though iunno.

    The game was okay I just didn't like the characters and plot so much *shrugs*
    Graces is pretty good comparatively, I like it more than Symphonia and Abyss.

    It has a new battle system that I like thats not based on like TP/MP and based on a system of CC which you spend to do any action, and it refills in battle.

    The only issue I have is that it randomly has difficultly spikes and the bosses/enemies get really difficult suddenly.
    I've played it with Sol/T Webb. But the project is not complete and I'm still making patches to it. The first two tests had some bugs with it (Bowser was crashing the game at certain times on the wii but not the Dolphin or some reason), but I believe i fixed it now.

    My overall balance mentality? I don't know, make every character awesome? I don't want to completely remove characters' weaknesses but I want to give them more logical strengths to compensate for them. Ie I don't want to make Bowser fast, because that isn't true to his character, but I did give him more options for combat.

    It's good to see other people working on this type of thing; much of the code in hacking melee is still unknown. Good luck with your project.
    No IM client? Nyoro~n. You should get one imo.

    And yeah, I'm still working on PM, though I'm not near as active as I used to be. Tool link is indeed coming, and he's fairly epic, so methinks you'll like it.

    Sowwy about the six week late reply. I haven't exactly been keeping up with smasboards lately. =/

    In the event that your question about knockback and damage compensation is still at all relevant, the answer is that I remember, but that I now know it to be inaccurate. The approximate method we were using before was simply damage1*growth1 = damage2*growth2, and then making some small change to the base to make up for the difference in percent (increase damage = lower base slightly, reduce damage = raise base slightly). Unfortunately, d1*g1 = d2*g2 is not actually a true statement, although it does make for a good starting point. For an accurate compensation, you need to do some actual testing in the game for kill percents with trial and error.

    Anyway, do you have any instant messengers? Like skype or msn or something? It'd be cool if we could chat sometime.
    ♥merry Christmas. Despite the inevitable divergence of our paths, I have not forgotten you and would like to wish you happy holidays!♥
    Usually you would search for 2C0000XX where XX is the damage. However, din's fire increases in damage based on how long it's held. So for something that increases damage over time you would search for its base damage as a float. The floats for projectiles are usually like right after the hitbox for it.
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