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  • Sorry for my equally (not chronically true but hey) late reply.

    That's disappointing, but it does make me curious that some damage changes from Melee -> Brawl (usually +/-1 DMG) offsets it by adding increments of 10 KBG. However, this only occurs if the KBG was originally 100. But messing with this in Melee proved that this was not a 'proper' compensation method; launch speed growth increased much more.

    And no leaf-kun, I have no IM client. I have become a hermit that lurks forums and occasionally annoys people on Facebook. :(

    I assume you're still working on Project M, yes? Hopefully my interest in it will rekindle once this Tool Link character is finally implemented.

    obv :012:
    Hey leaf, do you still remember how to do knockback and damage compensation (what happens if you tweak one value and need the overall growth to stay approximately the same as before)?

    Yeah, definitely random why I just pop out like this. But excuse my rudeness, I still rabu yuu riifu-kun

    obv :112:
    You able to move the Zelda+ thread back to the Workshop Character Discussion board? Thanks!

    and how do I do that?

    Almas's custom gravity code is still broken.

    I recall having a myriad of problems with that one command to have constant gravity.

    I is stuck. =<
    I can't seem to get TL's physics to work well, as in the end Fgrav causes his recovery to drag down too much (even with only x.8 dgrav):

    Original (what has been in the sets since forever)


    SH: 1.000
    FJ: 1.000
    FF: 1.300
    DGrav: 1.150
    Grav: 1.000

    helpz? o_o
    leaf you should describe to me how to do this ugrav thing since i forgotz the readding proportional Fgrav part

    so i am literally reinventing the tl wheel many times over
    Hey Leaf, can you help me out? I've been banned from the brawl+ chat for a long time, and I would like to be unbanned. I would really appreciate it! :)
    Hiya. I was looking at this thread -> The Big PSA List thread (was the Complete Universal Subaction List) *updated 09/13/09

    sounds like a lot of fun. What do we use for this? I've already learned texture editing. Do these codes go into codemanager or do I need something else? Sorry to bug ya, I searched first.
    im making a texture and i want to change toonlink's projectile look and maybe his slash look.

    kryal(smashbox) told me 'Check out the common pacs in the system folder, and the effect folder. '
    can you tell me where that is please. kryal is off now
    Hey what's up. DS told me you were really good with math with what you've been doing with Smash lately. Lately me and some of my other friends are making an rpg game. If you have time can you help me with making the rpg battle system? I'll need some help with the numbers and all. Tell me if you'll have time to help.
    Leaf, could you add the formula for compensating KB when adding or removing damage to the WBR code guide? Thankz
    Ganondorf SH Bair DJ
    14148064 40000000

    Ganondorf SH Uair DJ
    14148065 40000000

    The timing's still pretty tight on these double arials ala Melee. Give it a shot. I think that this coupled with a 1.25x (ish) sized bair fist hitbox could be the icing on the cake for Murderdorf. If you like it, pass it on to GoG and the BR thread for me.
    I've played brawl+, it's amazing. Lol, I just wish Mario's Fair had more hitstun
    Sup leaf, remember me from TouchDS? Lol, it's me...Mario_Famous

    It's been awhile...I've been into smash for awhile now. I'm like the 2nd best Mario on the EC now
    i agree, to much sensor dongs...too many crysallis...lolz at elecctrvire ...

    game got ridiculous
    so u a big poke fan? More the games?

    Im right now involved in a fierce competition with my lil bro (11) in poke diamond and pearl...since 30 every 5 levels we will battle...were now at 55 an ive won every time xD
    Alright I'll just try to guess my way through to the answer next time I get the chance. Thanks for responding though, there is nothing worse than being ignored.
    Question about the gimmick characters listed on your how to make a CSS guide.
    I know that their are codes to not mess up My Music, but do they still freeze when you finish a match? Much appreciated.

    Edit: Never Mind I figured it out using the power of Youtube.

    Edit2: What about Popo only and Nana only. Are they the same thing?
    Woah whats up leaf green! Its me "jjgamepro" from touchds! Remember me? I'ts been a while, We played MKDS a while back. Me, you and LKR haha. How have you been?
    Hey leafgreen, have you seen my post about the gravity formula? It's the same as yours but I rewrote it so it doesn't include "previous" x as a component anymore. Makes it a lot easier. The new formula is i - gx where 'i' is the original force, g is the gravity constent, and x is the current frame since the activation.

    just look at the gravity mod thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=6068990#post6068990
    This may seem random, but Didn't you have a Serebii account? I seem to recall seeing you post alot in the 3rd gen RMT during my lurking days.
    Again, sorry for the random question.
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