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  • I understand you can't work the pkmn Final Smash in P:M. What if you revert the Trio back to Trainer? Choosing individual Pkmn from the select screen would be like Brawl, and Gameplay would still be identical to P:M, so down-specials exist and switching mid-battle would be non-existent or only possible through a taunt. Taunts becoming attacks include:
    Samus transforming into/out of ZSuit, "Shine" Link using Final Smash at will, "Etereal Blade" Marth using 5 movesets, and Squirtle using Pokeballs/ Assists at will.

    Another solution could be using multiple PSA's under one character selection panel. They could put Charizard for the first 6 portaits, 6 for Ivysaur, etc just like P:M's Mario/ Dr. Mario.
    BTW those PSAs all exist on Brawlvault. Let me know, and I'll send you each link. Sorry if it seems I've doubleposted somewhere or another, but I think this is important.
    Ahh ok. thanks for sending me the info link shell.
    oh & thanks for acceptin my request, i'm a mario mainer from "AIB"
    Hey shell, i don't know too much about this "Project M" thing....
    would you mind telling me a little about it? is it like brawl minus?
    Other than like... Fox's is unusually high for his terminal velocity, and Marth's is low for his I don't really know. I haven't tried measuring it.
    sounds good, mind doing falco first? I'm going to work on experimenting on his FF window for SHL and also see about fixing electric stuff.
    Everything related to when I'm done with school is bat**** crazy, one person says this another says that, ugh. It seems to all point to me being done on the 28th though, however I'm not 100% certain.

    I'll let you know when I'm actually out and I'm available to play some shiz. :p

    P.S Happy belated birthday btw, 6 whole days before mine. :p
    Closer to when I graduate (probably June obv) we should totally play. Preferably, some Project M obv.

    I've been busy with school **** which is why we haven't done anything in months. And I'm sure you've been just as busy if not more than me anyway.
    I love your silhouette paint splatter character pieces! O: They look amazing, well done. =D
    Shell sorry to be a bother but can you direct me to where I can find out how to make/edit animations?

    Specifically I'm just trying to add frames to a move.
    Yeah, actually. Sorry, I meant to tell you. I've spoken with Kryal. I need to finish the dash and the run body proportions, but it should work.
    Hey Shell, just wondering, where exactly is the event edited for "you can now ride up the wall much easier without bouncing" on Lucas'/Ness' UpB in PSA?
    I have a bit of bad news concerning Ganon's new run animation.

    It looks fine in BrawlBox, but in game, Ganon goes back and forth in a wave-like pattern if you run. If you make individual keyframes for the TransN bone (the one that moves the character), it instead looks chunky when you run, as if Ganon is going 30 FPS or something.

    The reason the other animations are fine is because they don't use the TransN bone for movement.

    Any ideas?
    I've actually tried the run animation on Ganon, it looked decent, but he looked like an Olympic runner because he didn't clench his fists when he ran... that's easily fixed though.

    Anyway, I'll do the rest of those animations tomorrow, I'm tired.
    Did you use the FitGanon.pac I gave you?

    There's an event (18000100) in "other" on his u-smash that seems to anchor his foot to the ground. It's weird, but my .pac has that fixed.

    The .pac also has the f-air effect, look at it and tell me if you like it.
    Hey, do you have any form of contact? Would be handy for any Project M animation stuff. Or if you're ever on the IRC, I'm almost always logged in, even if I'm not in any channel.
    The only real issue with Ganon's jab is that if you miss or hit the block then you just jab again, which keeps you relatively safe. In a way its harder to approach than Snake's old machine gun jab due to its size, power, and speed.
    Ganon jab's IASA is still too quick. If I wanted to slow it down about 2 frames would I change the frame speed or PSA? You did the change and I am unsure as to which change I should be making.
    I posted a new code as I'm learning how to make injections now.

    Hopefully will have a HAD code by the end of the week :)
    just a note, when kirby swallows MK he gets the vbrawl tornado. i know its hard to fix stuff like that, but you may want to look at seeing if there is anything that can be done.
    Just made a post about the gravity.

    I haven't made a Melee Roy > Brawl Roy changelist, though.
    GET ON THE AIB CHARACTER BOARDS. We need activity D:
    wait, if he's got an extra wii and i've got an extra wii then we'd have two wiis sitting around doing nothing, no? ?_?
    Really? Agh... Ill hafta re upload... oh and I forgot you need the Partial Size Modifier and the Skip Write codes on. you have em'? ill post em if needed. and the major differences are the cuffs and lower legs, and of course the no cap if the no cap code is used.
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