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  • I find it somewhat poetic that your site here is an empty husk, seemingly whatever significance of what you enjoyed has dried up. Non fiction has caught you up in its' wake so whatever ideal that you'd given yourself over to- programming, project development, etc faded. The games you play now collecting dust.

    You are a blip on my computer screen, everything you comprehend about advanced techniques and so called "education" ends with me. Luckily for you, your cocaine induced seizure play style hasn't lead to your demise. Good thing you are in the nursing field.
    Wow and you disappeared again :mad:

    What's your number by the way?

    And check your email!
    omg I <3 you so much for following through on this. Literally not 5 minutes ago I was thinking about this and wondering if I should somehow figure out how to test it myself. It wouldn't be pretty.

    Before I forget to ask, is there any way to tell when hitstun has ended, either by watching, listening, or using rumble?

    So if I'm understanding you right, the only reasons one would wiggle while in tumble would be to do a B move more quickly (not too useful with Peach), float more quickly if you want to save your second jump or don't have your second jump (a bit more useful), or airdodge more quickly (definitely useful).

    Also, do you have an opinion about the utility of djc-landing vs wavelanding? I was comparing them last night and was astonished to learn that djcl isn't as impossible as I thought and is in fact noticeably quicker than wling, but I don't know how important the lost distance is, or if it requires a more specific positioning setup than wling (aside from trying to chase from the ground to the top platform). Do you think it could be a more reliable option in certain circumstances?

    Thanks for all your great help :) I hope you're compiling all your findings somewhere because I can't imagine the next generation of Peach players getting more thorough answers from anyone else.
    As far as I know, peach can get slightly lower to the ground by floating off the stage and then go back on stage. For example, go to the side of the stage, float, and then i think you aerial, you land because her hitbox shifts so she lands but she gets a hitbox out. That's how I practice perfect FC to option on shield.
    This is all really good information, thanks a ton. You might want to lay off the frame data soon, though. We don't play super theory brothers, and chances are you'll never do a perfect fc (seeing as it involves being slightly inside the stage). Of course the info isn't useless, but truth is, if peach fairs my shield, i can avoid most things by buffering a roll.
    The point I was trying to make is about peaches ability of removing options. You want to put them in situations where you either are confident in your frame advantage and get the punish, or can have them escape the pressure into a different situation that isn't much better, if that makes sense.
    I don't want to come off as rough, it's good to have someone who will document all the frame data, and I love viewing peach as a technical character, but there's a reason she hasn't been technical in the past.
    <3 hopefully we'll meet again at a tournament soon.
    How exactly are you going about finding these percentages? Hella curious on the whole process.

    Maaaaaan, sword f-tilt is the most important thing ever!!!
    Don't ever downplay sword f-tilt again :p

    I don't even think I know how to do that O.o
    I r scrub
    Lol thanks broseph.

    Yeah, low tier matches were hella fun xD

    Do it, I'll definitely keep an eye on it.
    Its fine. I'm not okay too :)

    Meeting people is still meeting people so :). We can totally peach ditto too. We'll be only 2 of like 3 or 4 peaches in the entire building. Like seriously
    I would like to take you up on that offer, but it seems that going directly to Nanuet by train is actually a lot faster.

    Seeing as how I'm probably getting home around midnight I'd prefer the faster route so I can sleep more :). Sorry about that, lets play a lot of friendlies though.
    Ok so... I might have run into a slight problem....

    My advisor is telling me I should consider taking a 6-9 night class on Fridays so it *might* not work out me getting housed and all. I'll let you know though, I'm sorta leaning on taking it because I wanna finish school here but yea >_<
    dude.. i was facepalming HARD @ that thread. I just settled on closing it for a while. never had to do that before.. but it's kwl. they'll use the social thread more now.

    and yeah, we'll geek out soon :)
    Awesome! I think I'll prolly do that then. If you don't mind or its more convenient for you I'll gladly go over Friday to play a bunch with you.

    Let me know whats easier.

    And Thanks =D
    Hey, I might be able to do that actually xD.

    What train goes along white plains though do you know?
    I actually didn't remove anyone from the Lab

    There was a day like a month ago where the SWF glitched out and randomly kicked people out of the rooms (mods, BBR, and Smash Lab). Apply to group memberships and I'll get you back in
    i finished my first for 4 years at NYU, i just have to do one semester in toxicology (Akron U requires it =/) and i can start medicine =)
    no prob, ur info was very helpful.

    and yeah, i'm still pre-med. I moved to Ohio and I'm attending Akron University this semester :D
    Ouch =( Yeah, going to second year of community college, looking into colleges to transfer to to finish an I.T. degree.

    Hopefully you'll be at Zach's next Saturday =O I've got some Brawl-related news to catch you up on.
    Nah, it's okay. I totally understand. You had (or still have?) school cracking down on you, right? Whatever it was, it's good to have your priorities straight.

    Man, I kept looking into it for a few weeks after our aim convo, but didn't come up with much. Then I started other projects, etc. I'm bad at completing projects. :urg: But I'm trying to take advantage of this last week of vacation I have before school opens again, and finish my second project to keep working on the EAC pseudo-wavelanding. I had also started checking out instant platform cancelling, and had written my stuff down in some notebook, but that probably got lost when I moved. Also instant-nade catch. It's pretty much impossible to examine in frame advance because of how tilt sensitivity is messed up in it. I was wondering if you knew much about it? All I know is that if you cancel a shield into a plat drop near the very beginning (F1-F3 I think), you end up falling from slightly above the platform so you actually land on it instead.

    I'm going to go see that thread now, sorry for walling you with text.
    Veril! You're back! Don't leave me in desolate solitude again!

    And it's NOT ******ry :mad: And even if it was I thought you of all people would be okay with it!
    Aw man, I missed you by like 5 hours. :( I've been meaning to dig into your size and distance formulae, and was wondering if you used PSA v0.2.1 or v1.3.
    Sorry I took so long to respond.:c I've been kinda busy with academics.

    Man, sorry to hear that... at least the ipad is semi-competent, enough to keep you afloat till you get a real computer again, right? I hope you didn't lose your planking data... I've been curious about what you found for ROB ever since you vaguely brought it up months ago.

    Lol, the hipster thing with me has been going on since school started this year. Although tbh I never really knew what a hipster was, until last Friday in french people were shouting out what language they wanted to study in college. I said "Basque!" and the guy next to me turns and says "Dude you're such a hipster." So I dictionary'd it and found out. :p

    Also I've been meaning to ask, what strand of biology did you say you were studying? Wasn't it molecular?
    Not exactly a case... they found it on a catheter tip of a renal dialysis patient lol.

    But yeah, it was first identified in Japan in the late 90's.
    Oh god VRSA. We learned about that just a few days ago actually in biochemistry. Apparently the latest strain was identified as early as recently as 2002.
    Sure thing. I've actually caught something myself, so I stayed home today. I don't think either of us are in very well condition to talk right now. :p
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