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  • Hi! Is there any chance of rejecting my request for the Smash Reseacher group made last year? It is pretty old and I would like to make a new one. Thank you in advance.
    Haha, clever. :>

    Ok, good. I was thinking about making a chart with the average distance projectiles travel if that hadn't already been done, ie, per frame, and wasn't sure what to use. Standard pixels are too inaccurate and variable, so I was thinking of taking the amount of FD Fox's laser can travel in 1 or 2 frames, then Falco's, then average them together, because their "speed" doesn't decay like Mario's fireball, per say.
    Is there a standard/widely accepted distance measurement unit for Brawl? I was toying around with ideas for one, and wasn't sure then if it would be necessary to make a whole thread and post projectile distance stuff.
    Oh, I thought you were editing the goals and what not for the past few hours. Didn't realize the majority of what you are doing is terms. >.<
    Make sure you save the edit to a text file. I got a 502 just a sec ago. Might wanna be extra careful on something that big.
    My initials are CSN, so I just moved the S in front. CN also works nicely for a tag, but I wanted to use my whole name.

    Can I be let into the Researcher group?

    I've conducted a diversity analysis of my region, which was archived and I can link if you're interested.

    I originally asked SamuraiPanda, who never got back to me.
    I'm sad we didn't get to play B+. :(

    But watching you play P:M definitely got me interested. I don't check the Workshop much, so when a playable version is released, please let me know! I'd love to get into it.
    ill be at the venue around 12-12:30, the first thing i want to do is practice some b+ jiggly, so look for me! xD
    When is it again, and yeah i'll come baby! :D after i'm home from NJ this weekend come over and pick me up lets get ****ing drunk
    I tried to get tomorrow off from work, but sadly I could not. Sad face.

    Happy early Birthday though!
    I've played pokemon since the first release of Blue. They've been my favorite up until emerald. After emerald, I stopped. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum bored me and felt too different from the classics. Now there's Heart Gold and Soul Silver...and to my surprise...I love it. They re just as I remember with some key improvements plus the new menus. It's just seems natural to me and really takes me back to my childhood. Just wanted to know your thoughts.
    You sent the Link pac so I have that...I think I still need DJCH fix, Camera fixes, original B+ Ganon PAC, Summit+, and the SSS code...other than that, everything's ready to be released
    I saw. Perfect Chaos is too good.

    Last time I played with a test SSS that Yeroc made, WWR was its own icon (nothing else really needed), so that icon will go over the MENU icon instead of FZ2 lol
    Veril, could you get me up to speed with what all you know about CGs and throws?

    Do throw hitboxes have weight dependent KB options like normal hitboxes, and if so, can we modify this to solve our problems?

    What other solutions beyond butchering certain throws or gravities have you looked at so far?

    Worst case scenario, I brought up an idea for a code that would change action to grab break after X throws, although this was poorly recieved on IRC.
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