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  • Would you perchance be able to link me these pages?

    DooWop - Queens, NY
    Eli - Queens, NY
    Gallo - New York, NY

    I think I can probably find "ELImination" on his own though.
    Guru, we are gonna do an SU get together type thing....Is there any way you know to contact Taz? And if you could..... Smash Underground suddenly reappeared and I was wondering if you could make me admin so I could email everybody to join Game Land. Thx for your time old buddy.
    thank you for the post in the wbr. I was getting sort of burnt out on that argument tbh

    Hey, you free tomorrow. Its my birthday and iirc I sent you a text about it. I will feed you... and you'll get to see me drunk... which is infinitely more ridiculous than you would imagine.
    Guru, I've been attempting to contact you, which I assumed was ok given that you PMed me the #. It is imperative that you call me (845-216-3439) ASAP as the release for Gold is Sunday.
    yo can you please go on aim right now and help me out with something real quick.PLEASE! we met at Daphne btw
    Hey, can you send me links to the two best vids of your PT in Brawl+? I'm gonna post them in the media section of brawlplus.net
    snap! Hey, how long do you think it would take for doubles to start?

    I find it funny that I have a copy of brawl, an SD card with the codeset for B+, and a tv... but no wii.
    MM, 5$, Jiggs vs Squirtle. That sh** would be f***ing epic. I think its one of the most entertaining matchups in B+. Also I'm going to rest you.

    So, I'm gonna actually be early to the tourney. But... I have to leave at 3:30... what should I do :(
    Yeah add me on AIM "xsilvenx" and IM me so I can add you that way I can IM me if I have any smashfests.
    w8 30 dollaz oh nho's ! i gotta party right after dat tourney i dont think could go 2 this one i thought only 10 but 30 wooo slow down dmt lol. persway him 2 mkae it 10 dollaz lol XD; YOUR DA ONE WHO'S GOT DA FREE PASS >.<
    depends where das at really, I consider CT far and if in NY i culd think about making it.
    i rly hope they have moar setups. I wonder does this time you have to pay to get in AND to play singles ?
    Guru whass good man. This is Phresh da guy who mains falco && ic lol. Your going to the one next saturday right ? And btw do you think that dmt is gunna have more setups considering that it is going to be more people
    **** man I didnt even know there was another gametable coming up on the 21st, but you can deff count me in. Hey tho man not trying to be a weirdo but where in NY do you live cuz if we could Id love to get some practice in before the 21st.
    Yo man its the red-headed guy from the game-table tournament, my bad about taking so long but I finally found you....So whats good man how's your smash game been going?
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