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  • I am really sorry, it was meant to be a signature violation infraction, I'll get it changed for you
    hey silven, do you have a direct link to the pcs for the blue olimar you have shown as a CSP? Thank you. Your stuff is awesome. I DL'd the first release of your texture pack, but that was a diff blue olimar and I only want to change to that new one. I also am gonna make great use of your TGA/CSP's. Once again, thanks.
    Hey Silven, we're having a Brawl+ smashfest in Cleveland on the 4th of Sept. through the 6th trying to get some of Toronto and Montreal to come up to it and Cape will be there. I was wondering if you guys (NY) were interested in coming or not?

    Let me know plz.

    Edit: Here's the thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=245309
    Oh its its all gud lulz i just though tu played onlien cuz of ur ustreams lulz
    actually scracth tht i got b+ and textures and portaits now but now i need help on getting hitbox portriats
    I like the Ike texture in your sig image, did you make it or something?

    Either I would like to know where you downloaded it.
    Well uhh i sorta like was getting textures and stuff but then like i think i messed up the folders or something;aslo, hey silven do u have a texture pack download that has all your textures?I seen u play blackanese on the live streams sometimes and the textures u got is really good lulz.
    Silven i need a lilttle bit of extra help with this texture hacking stuff im kinda mentally slow when it comes to this computer stuff
    He didn't ask me anything. Someone reported your post, I got the email, I did the infraction.
    Silven, out of curiosity, have you given up on regular brawl all together or are you still willing to play only if you have the right motivation?
    YO Silven I was wondering how can you be able to use your own music on brawl+ if u can be able to help me out because I wanted to put my own music on brawl thats why?
    Sup. I'm just wondering, what do you do if you have A LOT of people over for smash? I doubt you'd just stuff people into that room
    Yeah no problem, but I guess that's how it has to be unless you have multiple SD cards lol.
    i just want to know how to play regular brawl with only inf. replay code, but on the smae SD card as my B+ data. for some reason i cant get it to work.
    Ive been playin Ike myself, Fierce Deity looks really nice, and I dabble a lil in Ness, as a TF2 Scout Skin I have makes me want 2 play him. I've also been using Sheik, Zelda, Ivysaur,Falcon (who doesnt play Falcon in B+) and a few others. Falco is still my main tho.
    hey im not a stalker or anything or maybe i amz lol, but i heard you hosted a brawl+ smashfest or something of the sort so i figured ima add you as a friend since you know i play b+ :3

    (blatantly stolen from Skip's post)

    But yeah, sup Silven, this be Guru (the PT player from the Polytech friendlies). I'm crazy about B+, if you host anything, let me know, por favor! I'd be one happy trainer. Ten happy faces.
    ic, well hopefully Brawl+ tournys start popping up all over NY. Hopefully this summer it may happen, I got Bum into the game and I think he will host + tournys along side Regular Brawl for those who havent turned to our side. That is assuming he gets a Venue soon. You still playing Ike in + btw?
    hey im not a stalker or anything or maybe i amz lol, but i heard you hosted a brawl+ smashfest or something of the sort so i figured ima add you as a friend since you know i play b+ :3
    lol oo dude check out the match i put up on the bx weeklie lol bums used your main to cream some dude i thought ud be interested to see
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