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  • thanks man, it was kinda discouraging that you said that i was doing foolish things. I admire your Ike, but its all gravy man i hold nothing to heart cause im too old for high school bs. Sometimes critizism iz necessary. Thanks for the advice and i will take under consideration.
    what type of foolish stuff? I say this so that i could learn from it and do better
    nice seeing you and starz at the BX weekly. i saw you watching my single tourny so i had to show off just a lil bit. All n All good to see ya there man
    well i know that if u recorded a fight that has no trippin and play it on a wii with no hax, the footage will do random crap like self destruction
    oh well i didnt know about that till late its all gravy though. Last question if u dont mind but if i record some smash fight that lasted over three minutes with my SD card on anothers wii, when i take the SD card to my wii will it play the whole fight?
    the wii is working just fine just that when i got home from the tourny, it wasnt there anymore. Last week I asked ninjalink to hook me up and it failed, he didnt understand why. Is it bcuz i update it or something?
    its cool bro. We got stuff on our plate to deal with. Eventually we will have a friendly that will be awesome. Also in alex's tourny u installed Homebrew but it didnt last on muh wii, ninjalink tried to install it on my wii but it failed. I was wondering do you know what had happened, maybe you came across this problem.
    I'll try, I might not make it cuz its far and after Thanksgiving I have an exam soon after.

    Maybe though no promises though :(.
    I'm going through the same thing. Although the main reason we probably don't see each other anymore is probably cuz you play brawl and I generally don't :(.
    Sorry man, it was yesterday. I couldn't tell you sooner, I kinda passed out and was knocked for the whole day. But Siq told me might have another one next week. Just check in the regional zone, he usually posts it there.
    some tourny yesterday huh? hey man hopfully in the near future we could get together (no homo) and play some ssbb, im trying to get better and also have fun
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