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  • If you have AIM, you shoulda just told me your sn. A little slow thinking there, eh? All my brawl/AIM info is in my profile and in the side banner of all my posts. /you're too slow jokes
    I don't know you, but you should try sending me your friend code before you challenge. Also, I only accept challenges over AIM. If you have that, great--send me your sn. Laterz~
    Pretty good. You?

    days been alright

    I actually gotta do some homework soon

    The best pikachu is probably Anther, and the best Ike is probably Azen!!!
    I would practice without Wifi.
    Get used to playing offline.

    I've never used Wifi at all.

    If i ever get Wifi though I could send you my code.
    I practiced hardcore.
    Played all spring break.
    Played every weekend.

    Got *****.
    Got beat at tournies.

    But I still stuck with Toon and kept getting better and kept studying matchups.
    Yes I'm the real Santi

    Unless your thinking of a different Toon Santi
    hey dude, i was recently talking to QDVS and saw that you asked about the best ike and pikachu. for ike, i know this guy named kirk who is pretty good. not the best, but he will talk to you. the best pikachu is by far anther. i am excellent with pika and know that much more. if you go there you will see that i run the matchups and stage discussions. if you ever need anything just pm me.
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